85% of Spains pilots still on the ERTE furlough sc

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85% of Spain's pilots still on the ERTE furlough scheme - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

Spain’s pilots union, Sepla, says that reintroduction into the labour market in the aviation sector is not at the same rate as the recovery of business activityreads a statement fro. What it means by this is that there is still a very high number of pilots who are covered by the ERTE furlough scheme – up to 85% the union calculatesHe said he had.

Certain airlines, the union maintainsEarlier this week, continue to resort to ERTE to suspend pilots’ contracts on days when they do not have flights and to then deactivate ERTE on days when there are flights. This use of ERTE is a “de facto reduction of working hours”. However, Sepla stresses that pilots still on ERTE have returned to fly during the summer “at levels very similar to those before the pandemic” in terms of flight hours.

The union concludes, therefore, that the majority of pilots have seen their flight activity increased in a much greater proportion than their working hours – they have worked at a rate similar to that in summer 2019 but with fewer paid days.

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