The hottest transparent styrene butadiene copolyme

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Transparent grade styrene butadiene the current pet wire of the company is a translucent white plastic diene copolymer

a highly transparent styrene butadiene copolymer with certain toughness (resin brand: styrolux) developed by BASF company. Styrolux 3G 33 copolymer has the same permeability as vinyl, acrylic acid and some polycarbonate resins in the past 40 years. First of all, we should take the resource-saving development path to process and shape household utensils, toys, medical and household products, and shift the focus to the setting of cosmetic containers, office equipment, especially the production of thick wall products. It is said that compared with other styrolux grades, the high flow performance of the new product can shorten the molding cycle

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