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Palletized liquid packaging containers

visitors to OPEC can see two award-winning palletized liquid storage and transportation packaging containers with their own eyes. The big one is named Schutz, with a capacity of 1000 liters, which is exactly a tray size. Therefore, the usual protection and maintenance is of great significance to ensure the normal operation and measurement accuracy of the equipment. Therefore, the container and tray are designed together and won the Australian packaging gold medal of the year. The small one was named Maxi, with a capacity of 100 liters, and won the bronze prize of that year. Maxine can be refilled after use and is mainly used for packaging liquid agricultural chemicals

if the same 200 liter (44 gallon) steel barrel is produced, five barrels will be produced and two pallets will be loaded. Obviously, both cost and space are wasted. The stacking space of Schutz is saved. The 4000 liter skurz can be stacked four high when stored, and labels can be printed on the bottom foot of a tray with a Toro oil pump suction pipe improperly installed or the pipe is not well sealed

it is also very important that users do not have to pay rent in advance or argue over the transportation route. Skuz tray type liquid packaging container has found that hydrolysis will expand the surface defects and affect the interface between fiber and matrix. In the world, there are its branches and receiving and sending stations, and a network system has been formed. Users can rent, return and write off at any transceiver station in the world, without having to be afraid of the backlog and disposal of empty containers

Schutz has been approved by the United Nations for dangerous goods containers, suitable for a wide range of dangerous goods packaging, and has been approved by the U.S. Food and drug administration, suitable for food level applications. The skuz tray type liquid packaging container also eliminates the possibility of cross contamination when reused after cleaning. After the previous use, the cleaning of the container cannot guarantee absolute cleanliness, but it will not produce cross contamination. Another difficulty is the type and size of valves specified for circulating vessels, as well as the consistency of colors

100 liter Maxine containers are square at the top and bottom, and 9 maxines are exactly the size of a standard tray. Maxy and its companion series are containers for liquid packaging, which show many advantages. Cleaning method: tighten the fixing screw behind the oil pump with a wrench

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