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Trax won the 2019 AI Excellence Achievement Award for its innovative retail technology solutions

Shanghai, March 19, 2019/AP/-- on March 19, 2019, Trax, a leading retail computer vision and analysis solution provider, won the AI Excellence Achievement Award. Business Intelligence Group believes that Trax has become an outstanding leader in the field of AI because of its innovative application of emerging technologies in the retail field, which requires frequent opening and closing of oil inlet valves. Other giants such as Capgemini have won this honor

Trax won the 2019 AI Excellence Achievement Award of the business intelligence group

Trax, headquartered in Singapore, set off a global retail revolution by providing the only in-depth fit for entrepreneurial needs by providing the truth about the shelves for the opening of consumer goods (CPG) companies and zero national higher education instrument and equipment exhibition in Langfang, Hebei Province. The computer vision platform of AI, image recognition and data analysis can process the pictures taken in the store, and provide real-time, fine-grained shelf and store level insight, so as to provide store execution, market evaluation and analysis services for consumer goods brands and retailers

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trax enables consumer goods companies and retailers such as Coca Cola, Budweiser and Diageo to gain unprecedented shelf insight. Using Trax insight, customers can better understand the market performance of their products, make more wise business decisions, and promote the growth of sales

Yair adato, chief technology officer of Trax, said: the recognition of our leadership in AI is a proof of Trax's technological innovation and Technology Jinan assayer's service purpose: Based on innovation ability. We have worked hard to build a powerful AI machine learning and IOT platform, which truly realizes the digitalization of the physical retail world

we are very proud to announce Trax as the first winner of the AI Excellence Achievement Award project. Maria Jimenez, chief honorary officer of business intelligence group, said that Trax's use of AI technology has improved the living standards of customers and their employees, which is a very clear thing for our judges. Congratulations to Trax team

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