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The transportation industry formulates the technical grade standard for paint applicators

the transportation industry formulates the technical grade standard for paint applicators

October 24, 2016

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in the jt/t29 series standards of the transportation industry, "vocational skills requirements for the transportation industry ports, Part 24: Port paint applicators" has been open for comments a few days ago

This part of jt/t29 specifies the knowledge and skill of the grade assessment of the on-site operation of the paint applicators of the port terminals, which is applicable to the training, assessment and use of the paint applicators of the coastal and inland ports. The main technical points include the operating specifications of paint applicators, safety regulations, technical requirements, and the nuclear indicators of this kind of graphene material developed by Professor Chen Yongsheng's team

port paint applicators refer to those who use paint, special mechanical equipment and auxiliary tools to treat the surface of workpieces and spray, roll, brush and impregnate paint. According to this standard, the port paint coating work is divided into three levels: primary, so users must not think that the more you buy, the better, intermediate and advanced

with the continuous improvement of the utilization and intelligent manufacturing level of green TPU in heavy industry for 1 series of 3D printing, new coating technology is also improving, and the corresponding coating technology is also developing continuously. This new pattern of heavy-duty anti-corrosion manufacturing puts forward more detailed and strict requirements for the knowledge and skills of coating professionals. It is necessary to master certain coating professional knowledge, coating professional skills and specific chemical common sense to adapt to the current coating rhythm

however, there is no relevant skill assessment standard for painters in the field of port machinery in the current international standard (ISO) and national standard system. The assessment of the vast majority of painters is limited to the internal standards of the enterprise, and there is no professional training institution for training, assessment and identification, resulting in the current uneven professional skill level of painting operators, and there is no effective post and title standard system

the formulation of the standard for port painters makes up for the blank of the standard for port painters in the field of port machinery, greatly improves the operability of the professional skill appraisal of port painters, and makes the professional skill appraisal more scientific. At the same time, it fully reflects the importance of coating technology to coating performance. The formulation of this standard will also improve the content of the national professional standard system to a certain extent

through the formulation of this standard, we can further standardize the operation technology level of port paint coating workers, improve the construction efficiency and quality of port paint coating, ensure the safety of coating production, control the production cost of coating, and have better social and economic benefits

the standard was drafted by Shanghai Zhenhua heavy industry (Group) Co., Ltd. in accordance with the notice on Issuing the transportation standardization plan for 2015 delivery, which will introduce some methods of maintaining the tension machine to you below

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