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Congratulations on the relocation of Foshan Yigao glass machinery, and the after-sales problem must also be considered.

on December 26, 2012, Yigao Glass Machinery Co., Ltd. in Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province officially moved into the new plant. The new factory is located in the middle of Lunjiao Yangda Road (next to Heping hospital), Shunde District, Foshan City, with a superior geographical location. The plant is divided into two areas, which are transformed and upgraded from several original automobile maintenance sites

to celebrate the relocation of the new plant, Foshan Yigao glass machinery invited many guests and friends from the glass industry to gather and hold a banquet in the new plant. In the glass circle, through the preparation of bionic fake coating on the graphene template, senior executives from different regions of the Pan Pearl River Delta came to congratulate

there were many guests, and it was too early to say that the industry had fully recovered.

the flowers were in full bloom and welcomed the move.

the atmosphere on the scene was harmonious on that day, and the new plant was full of joy. Taking this opportunity, Yigao glass machinery showed the guests the glass cleaning machine recently developed by the company, and focused on the technological improvement results of the products. All the guests present admired its excellent technology. It was a worthwhile trip for everyone to observe and study it carefully

excellent machinery, keep improving

it is understood that Guangdong Foshan Shunde Yigao Glass Machinery Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in the production of glass cleaning machines. Founded in June 2010, it is a production-oriented private enterprise integrating development, manufacturing and sales. In the spirit of "leading quality, treating people sincerely, pragmatic and innovative", the company has created first-class products, which are highly praised by our customers

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