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Sichuan has launched and mobilized more than 150billion transportation key projects this year

Sichuan has launched and mobilized more than 150billion transportation key projects this year

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on May 16, Sichuan's transportation key projects were launched and mobilized in the second quarter, involving 17 projects with an investment of more than 76billion yuan

in the first quarter, there was also an investment in dual space, which was the most commonly used model in the transportation key projects with a total of 75billion yuan. So far this year, Sichuan has won more than 150billion yuan of projects

in the past four years, Sichuan has invested more than 130billion yuan in transportation construction. Judging from the scale and popularity of investment, the completed investment this year will still maintain the momentum of hundreds of billions of yuan. How was the huge investment won? How will Sichuan Province efficiently complete these investments


planning is ahead

poster warfare promotes project implementation

although a number of projects have just been "launched", the planning office of the Provincial Department of transportation has not relaxed

on the small blackboard behind the office desk, there are "2017 schedule of preliminary work objectives for ensuring the commencement of expressway" and "schedule of preliminary work objectives for key reserve Expressway in 2017", which are marked in the form of diagrams and diagrams respectively. It is clear what projects and processes need to be approved. "We also need to 'wall chart operations'." The head of the planning office of the Provincial Department of transportation told with a smile

this chart is not only a list, but also a "battle map" -- for each project, the construction period is inverted, and the preconditions that must be obtained are listed one by one in months according to the planned commencement time

"according to this schedule, 12 highway projects are expected to start today, with a mileage of more than 1000 kilometers, which is equivalent to that of last year." The above-mentioned relevant person in charge said that last year and this year were "project years". If the implementation of the project is well done in the past two years, it will lay a good foundation for the project construction in the later stage of the 13th five year plan and ensure the realization of the five-year plan goal of building an 8000 km expressway by the end of 2020

according to the plan, half of the expressway projects started this year are national expressway projects, such as Rongchang Luzhou expressway, the northern section of Chengdu "three around" (the ring road of Chengdu Economic Zone), Yichang Panzhihua Yanjiang expressway, etc

according to the introduction, Sichuan Province seized the opportunity of national highway adjustment in 2013, studied in advance, planned in advance, and worked hard to win. 4700 kilometers of expressways and 12000 kilometers of ordinary national roads were added into the national highway planning, both of which were ranked first in the country. In this way, the scale of national highway in Sichuan Province has increased to 8000 kilometers, and the ordinary national highway has reached 18000 kilometers. "The promotion and implementation of the projects included in the national road planning has driven the implementation of more provincial projects."


facing the market

innovating and adopting various modes to attract investment

among the expressway projects started in the second quarter, the "three around" north is particularly eye-catching. Not only is this the last stage of the "three rounds" in Chengdu, but also it is the first PPP project of the Ministry of transport and the first one in Sichuan Province to adopt the "BOT + government subsidy" construction mode

different from the traditional BOT mode, the "BOT + government subsidy" mode will be subsidized by the government to the medium-sized standard owners to reduce their financial pressure and promote the "launch" of the project as soon as possible

"now, all highway projects are first introduced to the market and constructed by market means." The relevant person in charge of the Foreign Economic Department of the Provincial Department of transportation said that once the expressway projects get the relevant approval and can attract investment, they will be open to the market

with the extension of highways to poor areas and remote mountainous areas, the construction cost is also getting higher and higher. In order to effectively attract investors, this year, in addition to the PPP model, Sichuan Province launched the "bundling investment" method, innovatively "packaging" multiple highways as a whole project

"it's the saying 'meat and vegetable combination'." According to the relevant person in charge of the Foreign Economic Department of the Provincial Department of transportation, the efficient Expressway and the inefficient expressway will be "bundled", so that investors can "calculate accounts" and increase the attractiveness of the project. This approach will also break through the boundaries of cities and states, and "package" projects located in different cities and states, reflecting "a game of chess in the province"

at present, Sichuan Province has launched 8 high-speed projects and 3 "bundling", a total of 874 kilometers, with a total investment of 107.6 billion yuan. Although the preliminary work of these projects has not been completed, many investors have shown interest

not only expressways, but also many of the 11 ordinary national and provincial highway projects started in the second quarter adopt the more flexible P around the PP mode of the fourth generation atmospheric drying mass production technology. Including the fast track around Tianfu new area, which connects Qinglong and Shigao, two important towns in Tianfu new area of Meishan City, and the newly constructed Chengdu Ya fast track (Chengya section)

"these new construction modes have effectively alleviated the financial pressure of the government and promoted the rapid 'launching' of new and influential transportation projects." The relevant person in charge of the Foreign Economic Department of the Provincial Department of transportation said


build a credit system

strengthen the supervision of investors' performance

"the investors of Guangyuan Pingwu expressway project re invite bids and the candidates for winning the bid are publicized." On May 17, this message was posted on the official station of the Provincial Department of transportation. After the brief information, there are twists and turns in the bidding process

as an important part of the National Expressway, Guangping expressway is the most convenient channel for entering and leaving Jiuzhai in northern China, with the power of only 46 ditches. It starts from the interchange of Lanzhou Haikou Expressway riding hub in the East, passes through Qingchuan County of Guangyuan City and Pingwu County of Mianyang City, and connects with the interchange of Pingwu hub of Mianyang Jiulong Expressway in the West. It connects Beijing Kunming expressway, Lanzhou Haikou expressway, Mianyang Jiuzhaigou expressway, Enshi Guangyuan Expressway and other expressways, forming a Sichuan Tourism Ring Road. The project is constructed in the mode of "BOT + government equity cooperation". It is clear in the bidding document that the government will invest 500million yuan as the project capital

although the new construction mode has attracted social capital, the project has experienced four bidding before and after the bid winning bidder gave up. The new winning candidate is still being announced

repeated bidding has caused a waste of government resources, but due to the absence of clear laws and regulations, the government department has no restrictive means for this dishonest behavior

it is understood that Sichuan Province plans to establish an investor credit management system to strengthen the supervision of social credit on the performance of investors in response to the failure to fulfill the historical obligation of Hexcel, the winning bidder, to supply components for space projects for a long period of time and the untimely arrival of funds. After the completion of the system, the performance of investors will be scored to promote the construction progress. For dishonest enterprises, the supervision of public opinion will be exerted, or dishonest behaviors will be "copied" to the parent company of the enterprise and other brother provinces, forming a disciplinary mechanism. At present, the relevant systems of the credit management system are being formulated

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