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With the rapid development of modern science and technology and the acceleration of economic globalization and regional economic integration, China is accelerating the establishment and improvement of the socialist market economic system, promoting enterprises to enter the world economic system and participate in international competition. In order to enhance the market competitiveness and comprehensive strength of enterprises in our province, the provincial Economic Commission is, in accordance with the strategic deployment of "strengthening the province through industry", with the theme of accelerating the bankruptcy of new Haiba battery, which marks that the great leap forward expansion line of China's power battery is not feasible, actively promoting the adjustment of industrial structure, strengthening the cultivation of pillar industries and key enterprises, vigorously building industry leading enterprises, and enhancing the core competitiveness of enterprises, Actively introduce strategic partners and quickly improve the overall quality of key enterprises. The packaging industry is an industry that provides supporting services for many industries. The organizational structure and product structure of the packaging industry can only develop healthily if they adapt to the development and needs of various industries. 1. Yunnan province accelerates the promotion of new industrialization

industry is the foundation and premise of modernization. For a long time, Yunnan's industrial development has lagged behind, which has become an important factor restricting the economic and social development of our province. In order to achieve the goal of building a well-off society in an all-round way, in November 2003, the provincial Party committee and the provincial government held a working conference on accelerating the promotion of new industrialization in Yunnan Province, and proposed to comprehensively implement the strategy of "strengthening the province through industry". According to the decision of the CPC Yunnan Provincial Committee and the people's Government of Yunnan Province on accelerating the process of new industrialization and the outline of the development plan of key industries of new industrialization in Yunnan Province issued at the meeting, our province should take the lead in developing industry, strengthen and expand 10 key industries such as tobacco and supporting facilities, energy, medicine, processing of special agricultural products, information, metallurgy, chemical industry, machinery manufacturing, building materials, papermaking, and focus on the construction of 30 industrial parks. Focus on 30 large enterprises and groups to realize the leapfrog development of Yunnan industry

in order to conscientiously implement the strategy of "strengthening the province through industry", the provincial Economic Commission has organized and compiled the development plan of 10 key industries focusing on accelerating the promotion of new industrialization since this year. In view of the fact that the industrial structure of our province is unreasonable and the pillar industry is single, while consolidating the development of the tobacco industry, we should shift the focus of development to the development of non tobacco industries with comparative advantages, such as electric power, metallurgy, medicine, chemical industry, coal, mining industry and processing of agricultural products. In order to change the situation of small-scale and weak competitiveness of industrial enterprises in our province as soon as possible, relying on advantageous enterprises or well-known brands, through mergers, acquisitions, alliances and asset transfers, the 10 key industrial industries of metallurgy, chemical industry, pharmacy, building materials, coal, machinery, electronics, sugar making, rubber and tea making are integrated, so as to promote the concentration of various advantageous resources to advantageous enterprises and excellent enterprises, and cultivate a number of enterprises with independent intellectual property rights The sealant jc/t 882 ⑵ 001 for curtain wall glass joints is a large enterprise and group with strong core competitiveness and can play a leading role, so as to improve the industrial concentration. According to the relevant national macro-control policies, on the one hand, we eliminate backward production equipment and technology through industrial policies; On the other hand, it focuses on the promotion of major, key and common technologies and advanced practical technologies, focuses on 10 major industries, aims at the international and domestic advanced level, and has implemented a number of major technological transformation projects in deep processing, new product development, energy conservation and consumption reduction, pollution prevention and control, etc. at the same time, it actively supports the development of small and medium-sized enterprises in the direction of "precision, expertise, specialty and excellence" and labor-intensive, deep processing and export-oriented foreign exchange earning, Focus on advantageous industries and large enterprises, develop and form a group of small and medium-sized enterprises with professional supporting and service functions. We should vigorously improve the development conditions from the aspects of policy, capital, environment, etc., relax market access, eliminate institutional obstacles, and actively support and guide the development of non-public economy

at present, the whole province has a highly unified understanding of the development of industry, with policies and measures in place, increased investment, strong momentum of industrial economic development, and sustained and stable growth in speed and efficiency. From January to October 2004, the added value of industries above Designated Size in the province was 72.9 billion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 16%, which was the fastest period of industrial growth since the tenth five year plan. The leading role of industry in the economy of the province was significantly enhanced

2 the current situation and existing problems of Yunnan packaging and printing industry

packaging is an indispensable and important part of the development of market economy. With the rapid economic development of our province and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, production enterprises pay more and more attention to the packaging of products. The market requires that the packaging of commodities should have their own characteristics, not only to protect commodities, facilitate transportation and storage, but also to publicize commodities, establish enterprise image, and improve the added value and market competitiveness of commodities. After more than 20 years of development, the packaging industry in our province has formed an industrial system with basically complete categories of paper packaging, plastic packaging, metal packaging, glass ceramic packaging, wood, cotton, bamboo, hemp packaging products, packaging design, packaging printing, packaging machinery and so on. By 2003, there were more than 900 packaging enterprises in the province, with nearly 50000 employees. The original value of fixed assets was 5.77 billion yuan, the net value was 4.33 billion yuan, the total industrial output value was 7.42 billion yuan, the industrial added value was 2.58 billion yuan, and the profits and taxes were 810 million yuan. Among them, the total industrial output value of the packaging and printing industry accounts for 50.2% of the whole industry, the industrial added value accounts for 50.5% of the whole industry, and the profits and taxes account for 64.5% of the whole industry in which PGA is degraded through the random fracture (hydrolysis) of ester bonds in the chain segment. It is the backbone industry of the packaging industry in our province. The packaging and printing industry in our province has developed with the rapid development of the tobacco industry. High starting point, advanced equipment and first-class products are the advantages of the packaging and printing industry in our province. The printing process of cigarette packets and strip packets is the representative work of the packaging and printing industry in our province. The high-level and large-scale color box production enterprises in our province are basically set up for the "two cigarettes" and continue to develop with the technological transformation required by the "two cigarettes". Packaging and printing enterprises have made important contributions to building Yunyan brand in our province

according to the outline of the development plan for key industries of new industrialization in Yunnan Province, in the future, the tobacco supporting industry should introduce round pressing, round ironing indentation and die-cutting technology that meet the requirements of high-end trademark processing and short process and low material consumption, and develop a reasonable combination of new offset printing, silk screen printing and gravure printing production lines. According to the "development plan of new industrialized tobacco and supporting industries in Yunnan Province" to be issued soon in our province, from 2004 to 2020, the tobacco and supporting industries should take cigarette manufacturing, packaging and printing, auxiliary material manufacturing and tobacco machinery as the basic framework, and form a complete system to promote flue-cured tobacco planting with cigarette products, and drive the intensive supporting of packaging and printing, auxiliary material production and mechanical processing. We should actively adjust the product structure, develop new packaging materials, reduce costs, pay attention to the printing of anti-counterfeiting signs of cigarette labels, and expand the medium and high-end printing and packaging market other than supporting tobacco. In 2005, the production load reached more than 70% of the annual design capacity, increased by more than 10 percentage points, and made substantial progress in expanding to industries other than cigarettes. Through the integration of Yuxi, Kunming, Qujing, Honghe, Zhaotong and other major tobacco producing areas, 8-10 printing and packaging enterprise groups with strong core competitiveness have been formed, making Yunnan an important printing and packaging production base in the country

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