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The sulfuric acid process will coexist with the chlorination process for a long time.

titanium dioxide is the third largest inorganic chemical product in the world after synthetic ammonia and phosphoric acid, and is widely used in coatings, plastics, papermaking, chemical fiber, ink and other fields. Asia is the main demand area for titanium dioxide in the world, and the titanium dioxide industry has shown a rapid development momentum

in terms of production process, there are two main processes and technologies for titanium dioxide production in the world: sulfuric acid process and chlorination process. Among them, the production technology of titanium dioxide by chlorination has developed rapidly because of its significant advantages such as short process flow, large production capacity, high product quality and low pollution emissions. It is already a very mature advanced process in the world. At present, about 60% of the global output of titanium dioxide is produced by chlorination process. However, due to the lack of mineral resources for the five test methods of titanium polyethylene film applicable to the chlorination process in China, titanium raw materials must be imported at a high price. The chlorination process has always been unable to break through the technical and economic ceiling, and the production line has not been fully opened after years of research and development

Fu Yijiang, Deputy Secretary General of titanium dioxide industry branch of China Paint Industry Association, said that in this situation, on the one hand, the titanium dioxide industry should vigorously develop the chlorination process to make it mature as soon as possible; On the other hand, we should constantly improve the sulfuric acid process and standardize the development with stricter environmental protection regulations

Bi Sheng, director of the titanium dioxide sub center of the National Productivity Promotion Center of the chemical industry, also believes that in addition to the imperfect process, the chlorination technology is also daunting with investments of more than 1 billion yuan and billions of yuan. Whether it is imported technology or self-developed technology, the chlorination process has not solved the key core technical problems, and it will take time to form industrialization and scale

at present, the boiling chlorination titanium dioxide plants in pilot production in China include the 30000 T/a project of Jinzhou titanium industry, the 60000 T/a project of Yunnan Xinli and the 60000 T/a project of Luohe Xingmao, and the 60000 T/a project of Henan baililian (002601, Guba) is followed up in the later stage. Among them, Luohe Xingmao titanium industry has developed rapidly and has entered the stage of large-scale normal production. This will play a positive role in promoting the development of domestic titanium dioxide industry by chlorination

the key to the development of titanium dioxide by sulfuric acid method is cleaner production and circular economy. For example, Sichuan longmang group, relying on the rich iron and titanium resources in Panzhihua, accelerates the development of circular sulfuric acid method, and also invites users to carefully understand the titanium dioxide process, so that the resource utilization rate continues to improve and the energy consumption decreases significantly. Zhouxiaokui, vice president of the group, said that titanium dioxide produced by sulfuric acid process has unique quality performance and will be the mainstream variety in China for a long time in the future. Therefore, it is necessary to accelerate the comprehensive utilization of waste and by-products of titanium dioxide produced by sulfuric acid process and cleaner production

to sum up, chlorination technology has its own advantages, but sulfuric acid technology will not be eliminated. At present, chlorination method has only advantages and perfection. Enterprises with strong technical force will continue to retain the technology by taking advantage of the special advantages of sulfuric acid process. Titanium dioxide produced by sulfuric acid method will coexist with titanium dioxide produced by chlorination method for a long time because of its wider application and market demand

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