The hottest sumico efi82 headphones are made of gl

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Sumico efi-82 earphones use glass fiber

sumico efi-82 37% glass fiber braided diaphragm

on October 18, 2009, the four-day GITEX Dubai 2009 BASF series of new material Solutions East International Computer and communication consumer electronics information exhibition was held as scheduled. After seizing a large amount of orders at the Hong Kong autumn Electronics Exhibition on the 15th, sumico efi-82 made a great impact on the exhibition and attracted wide attention

according to the overseas marketing personnel of sumico, the exhibition booth of sumico attracted great attention. The number of intention inquiries of nearly 300 people is a breakthrough. The biggest contributor is the latest hifi product of sumico, 50mm ultimate dynamic king efi-82. Meet the performance requirements of cooperative brands for shoes. Among the many guests who visited sumico, a Middle East political official proposed to listen to sumico efi-82 earphones on site. After comparing several earphones of the same grade of other brands, he spoke highly of the comfortable wearing effect and excellent hifi level sound effect of efi-82

sumico efi-82 is the latest hifi masterpiece launched by sumico this year. It is called the new generation of 50mm dynamic king. The TP4 speaker equipped is operated by sumico German laboratory, and the unit aperture is 50mm wide. The most critical component of sumico efi-82 is the TP4 speaker unit, which uses 37% glass. At present, there is a lack of wages. There is a woven diaphragm of fibers (the thickness of each polymer is less than 0.1 μ m) , the ultra-high composite technology melts more than 100 layers of polymer diaphragm into a thin TP4 diaphragm, which is as thin as a cicada's wing. Through this structure, it not only enhances the hardness and toughness, but also improves the high damping n, thus producing high-resolution sound effects and sound recognition. It is a powerful guarantee of efi-82's ultra-high sound quality. Welcome to call for more relevant knowledge

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