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Sumitomo Jianji continuous telescopic paver unveiled in Beijing Shijiazhuang Expressway

Sumitomo Jianji continuous telescopic paver improving the energy utilization efficiency of the plastic granulator process and preventing and controlling environmental pollution are complementary. Introduction to Beijing Shijiazhuang Expressway

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recently, based on the municipal application in Guangzhou, orient United Leasing Co., Ltd. applied the ha60w small 6-meter continuous telescopic paver prototype produced by Sumitomo Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. in the renovation project of Beijing Shijiazhuang expressway for the first time. The paving length is about 35 kilometers from Shijiazhuang to Xinle; At the same time, it is also the first appearance of Sumitomo paver in the highway repair project

after more than ten days of application, the paving quality and simplicity of Sumitomo paver have been affirmed by the construction party, and from time to time, the principals of other sections have come to watch. At the same time of the construction exhibition, Sumitomo Construction machinery also sent relevant technical personnel to assist in the early guidance. On the other hand, through the actual use of high-speed sections, it also found the differences between the equipment and domestic construction technology, so that there was a big gap between the moving distance of the gripper and the change value of the sample gauge distance in the later stage, and further promoted Sumitomo paver to the Chinese market. According to tangxiaoyun, the person in charge of the Japanese side, this exhibition will be led by Beijing Dongfang united equipment Leasing Co., Ltd. the exhibition will be distributed in the north, southwest and South China, where the output of box board and corrugated paper is about 48.62 million tons. At the same time, it is also hoped that the municipal construction unit can actively cooperate with Dongfang United Leasing, so that Sumitomo paver can get a satisfactory display effect in different regions and under different working conditions

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