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China International wine label technology seminar will be held

the Ministry of industry and information technology and the Ministry of agriculture jointly formulated the 12th Five year development plan for the wine industry in 2012 to promote the structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading of the wine industry, ensure quality safety, and realize the sustainable and healthy development of the pilot production of the new product source, Chaoli automobile and Weiqiao's acquisition of Hongbang double zero aluminum foil project. In order to cooperate with the steady, healthy and rapid development of China's wine industry, further improve the brand and product added value of wine to meet the needs of the domestic market. China printing and equipment industry association decided to hold a seminar during the 7th Yantai International Wine Expo. We have invited Spain Mante company, a leading Chinese wine enterprise Changyu, COFCO group and well-known experts in the industry with a 63 year history of producing wine label materials. 2. The operating procedures of concrete pressure testing machine to come to the site to introduce the market situation, development trend and material use of wine labels at home and abroad. Invite experts on wine label design 1. Liquid crystal material experimental machine product description, printing materials, printing technology, supporting labeling and other aspects to introduce the latest solutions, so as to promote China's wine label from coated paper brushing to self-adhesive material automatic labeling, so as to adapt to the development of the market. The forum added international and domestic successful cases, consumer purchase intention and other links to provide a series of wine label solutions for wine manufacturers, striving to improve the brand and added value of wine from the aspects of labels and packaging

I. time:

July 6, 2013 9::00 (Seminar), 18:20-20:30 (reception dinner)

July 7 visit wine winery and Wine Museum (to be determined)

II. Place:

Shandong Yantai Fenghuangshan Hotel (No. 19, Tonglin Road, Laishan District)

III Sponsor:

China printing and equipment industry association

Undertaker: Label Printing Branch of China printing and equipment industry association, printing industry magazine Co., Ltd.

co organizer: Shandong grape and Wine Association, Shandong packaging and printing industry association, Yantai grape and Wine Bureau

IV. participants:

wineries and wineries Relevant wine label design experts, wine label materials experts, wine label printing equipment enterprise representatives, wine label printing technology enterprise representatives, relevant solutions representatives, media representatives, etc

v. contents of the Forum:

1. Domestic and foreign markets and applications of wine labels: invite experts to introduce the market status and development trend of wine labels at home and abroad. In the domestic market, in addition to the quality of the wine itself, the display effect of the label as the main packaging and marking form is very important. What kind of wine label is more popular with consumers in developing new bulletproof clothing, and what factors should be paid attention to

2. Design of wine label: senior designers of wine labels at home and abroad are invited to introduce how to integrate corporate culture, wine culture and other elements into the label through case analysis, so as to pass the brand culture to consumers through the label and improve the brand popularity

3. Material selection of wine label: analyze how to use new materials to perfectly combine wine label design to enhance the brand value of products from multiple perspectives

4. Labeling: the traditional coated paper is changed into self-adhesive material. How to improve the labeling process can help enterprises improve their work efficiency

5. Printing technology: a good design can only be turned into a commodity through exquisite printing. What functions can be realized and the auxiliary packaging is perfect

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