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China is moving from a large graphite country to a powerful graphite country.

"graphene must have the application of a killer mace, not pepper. The situation of additives like a panacea needs to be broken." At the second International Carbon Materials Conference and industrial exhibition held on December 18, liuzhongfan, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professor of Peking University and President of Beijing graphene Research Institute, said

graphene material has excellent electrical, thermal, optical and other properties, which are also of great significance in safety work. It has great application potential in many fields such as electronics, energy, environment, biology and so on. It has become an important strategic material leading the future high-tech competition and development. Up to now, China's graphene industry has formed six market-oriented application fields focusing on new energy, great health, energy conservation and environmental protection, composites, graphene raw materials and graphene equipment

but one thing should not be ignored. At present, China's graphene investment is overheated. There are more than 400 enterprises engaged in graphene industry, and overcapacity begins to appear. A senior figure in the graphene industry told, "at present, there are many graphene enterprises in China, but there are not many enterprises that can reach a certain scale. Many of them are in the R & D period and technology reserve period. It is expected that the graphene application market will usher in explosive demand in the future."

professor shenwanci of Tsinghua University made a report entitled "China's natural graphite industry - review since the reform and opening up and prospects for the new era" at the meeting. Since the reform and opening up, the scale of China's natural graphite industry has been continuously developing and has become the world's largest natural graphite industry. "At the same time, great progress has been made in deep processing technology and new materials. In general, China has become a graphite power comparable to Japan and Germany." Shenwanci pointed out

shenwanci further said that China's market awareness of the production of flexible graphite materials and natural graphite cathode materials for lithium-ion batteries is widespread and in-depth, ranking first in the world, and is moving from a large graphite country to a powerful graphite country. In terms of technology, equipment and application of preparing powdered graphene from natural graphite, China's R & D efforts and industrialization are leading in the world

according to incomplete statistics, there are more than 150 graphite mining enterprises in China, including mineral processing and processing entrepreneurs, with an annual output of million tons and an output value of about 20billion. In terms of export, China exports 10000 tons of flake graphite and microcrystalline graphite each year, accounting for more than 1/3 of the world trade volume. It is the world's largest producer and trading country

"at present, China's Graphite mining technology is the first in the world to create a new model of open, shared and win-win development. The graphite industries of Tanzania, Russia, Vietnam and other countries are seeking to introduce mining technology and equipment from China." Shenwanci said

it is reported that the second International Carbon Materials Conference and Industry Exhibition gathered more than a thousand industry participants from the domestic and international industry, University and research frontlines, and built a high-quality exchange platform for government, industry, academia, research and application. At the meeting, the end users of the same industry discussed the new technology and trend of carbon material development, and the problem that the diameter of the bottle test bar for carbon material application can be clamped with a neck of 0 (3) 0mm

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