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The 6th China International Packaging and processing technology exhibition will be held in Shanghai International Exhibition Center from May 24 to 27. The exhibition will attract exhibitors from 15 countries and regions, including delegations from Germany, Italy, Japan Packaging Technology Association, Taiwan food and pharmaceutical machinery industry association, British processing and packaging machinery association, American Packaging Machinery Manufacturing Association and other countries and regions

at that time, China Kerui Co., Ltd. will launch fresh house carton forming, filling and sealing machine and glass and plastic filling machine; SA Flin e m e TA l d e tection will need a XL metal detector with a large scale extension device to show high sensitivity; Asia 1 some units will use public funds to purchase and Po ly typ e will present unique plastic tube packaging and printing machinery; Ellie (China) Co., Ltd. will launch the newly developed label paper; Hangzhou Zhongya Machinery Co., Ltd. will show how to choose milk yogurt? The spirit of automatic filling and sealing of fruit milk, fruit juice drinks, jelly and condiments and the mobile phone industry are really no import machines

the exhibition also attracted a large number of inkjet companies, among which Dajia packaging equipment Co., Ltd., domino Inkjet Technology Co., Ltd., WINPAC, lane, Xiamen IMAS Jinling inkjet printer Co., Ltd., Marken Co., Ltd., and global industrial equipment Co., Ltd. will be displayed on the same stage. During the exhibition, Hong Kong Exhibition Service Co., Ltd., as the sponsor, will also assist China Dairy Industry Association to hold a seminar on "the development direction of China's dairy industry", a lecture on "the assembly and application of bottle cap technology in soft bags" by China Construction Technology Machinery Co., Ltd., and a "condensed milk packaging technology exchange" hosted by FM C. (Miao Weimin, zhoulicheng)

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