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International trade futures: the bottom of Shanghai Jiao still needs to be shaken and ready for recovery.

on Thursday, Shanghai Jiao opened low and went high, and the bottom recovered. The main 701 contract opened at 18680, with a maximum of 18905 and a minimum of 18530. It closed at 18890, with 230000 transactions, up 235 points. On the disk, the low-level undertaking is strong, and there are signs of closing short positions in the tail market. Basically, the international crude oil price is relatively stuck by the impact of the US mid-term elections, and it is reported at US $60.10 on the electronic disk. Hainan spot market reported 17892, up slightly from yesterday. Technically, the price is suppressed by the 10 day moving average, and the rebound is strong. There is still a need to prepare for shock

operation suggestion: hold more light warehouses. However, with the joint efforts of the Ministry of Finance and China Insurance Regulatory Commission (CIRC) to launch the development of the first batch of key new materials using the insurance compensation mechanism to pilot large-scale integrated circuits

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