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The 2016 China International Information and Communication Exhibition will take you to the door of the future world. The 2016 China International Information and Communication Exhibition (pt/expo China 2016), hosted by the Ministry of industry and information technology and the China Council for the promotion of international trade and organized by China Post and Telecommunications Equipment Group Corporation and China International Exhibition Center Group Corporation, will be held in Beijing China International Exhibition Center (jing'anzhuang) from September 20 to 23. Recently, the organizer held a press conference in Beijing to introduce the preparations for the exhibition. At the press conference, Chinatelecom, China Mobile, China Unicom and China Tower, as co organizers of the exhibition, also introduced the highlights of the exhibition. At the annual Pt exhibition, the three basic telecom operators and iron towers gathered again to comprehensively demonstrate their innovative business as the leader of the information and communication industry at the dawn of the 5g era

in today's ubiquitous connectivity, the Internet has penetrated into various industries. The era of interconnection of all things, in which people are connected, people are connected, and things are connected, will bring profound changes to people's lives and social development. Network and connection are also popular keywords in this year's PT exhibition

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at this year's PT exhibition, China Unicom will take ingenuity and excellence as the exhibition theme to show four major sections: Industrial interconnection, public interconnection, home interconnection and future communication. Its industrial Internet section includes innovative services for industrial users, such as education informatization, IOT, cloud computing and big data. Education informatization is an industry product that promotes the rapid and large-scale development of education informatization for the transformation of Internet + education, including class to class communication, future classroom and interactive baby business. The Internet + environmental protection cloud business is oriented to regional environmental hot spots, and takes the ecological environment big data platform as the core to provide advanced, intelligent and comprehensive environmental protection information solutions for environmental protection management departments. In the field of car service, China Unicom has created a professional service platform and comprehensive information solutions through its exclusive operation, providing customers with integrated and differentiated products and services, and achieving industry leadership in the field of automotive informatization

Unicom's public Internet section includes Wal Mart TV, traffic management, network security and other services. Through the wo TV video app, users can watch live games, 2K HD video blockbusters, and enjoy more content such as home entertainment sharing and local HD playback. The home Internet section includes wojia TV, wojia manager, wojia cloud disk, VR and other services. Smart wojia is a family business sharing product that China Unicom integrates a variety of applications such as high-speed broadband, 4G, fixed and wojia TV to meet the communication needs of the whole family. For example, wojia manager is an intelligent platform launched by China Unicom based on fixed mobile Internet and IOT technology, which can centrally control and monitor the smart home. In the future, it will also provide advanced functions such as elderly care, community service and health service. The future communication section will display a number of cutting-edge technologies and equipment based on 5g network of China Unicom, including the massive MIMO technology that can support 5g big data rate transmission greater than 10Gbps, and the 5g virtualized base station that can flexibly adapt to the differentiated business needs of different regions for the future new base station implementation scheme

Chinatelecom's network is also a key word in this exhibition. Its exhibition contents will include six major sectors, wide world, cloud integration, mass entrepreneurship and innovation space, Tianyi IOT, smart home and mobile Internet. The wide world segment includes Nanhai video link, big data analysis of Shanghai Disney, services for the the Belt and Road, cloud bank, an anti communication fraud product, etc. The cloud integration section includes the real scene display of cloud factory computer room, the application of Internet + in government targeted poverty alleviation, etc. The mass entrepreneurship and innovation space segment includes Tianyi venture capital, quantum communication, SDN smart gate, etc. Tianyi IOT exhibition area will let the audience understand the characteristics of narrow-band IOT technology and its specific applications in industrial manufacturing, remote monitoring and other aspects, and reflect that relying on its own intensive IOT special platform, it will create an all-round industrial ecosystem of interconnected things. The smart home exhibition area mainly displays smart entertainment services including high-definition IPTV and rich smart home services with Tianyi family pass as the core. The mobile Internet exhibition area includes wing payment, Tianyi video, 5g display, VR and other contents. The digital product services such as finance, video, reading, games, music, etc. provided will provide users with wonderful mobile cooling and thermal shock test machines. They are the necessary test equipment for metal, plastic, rubber, electronics and other material industries

the exhibition of China Mobile at this year's PT exhibition will highlight the concept of connection. The main exhibition area will take a sample of fixed size and shape with you to connect the future as the theme, including five areas: 4g+ business, industry information solutions, smart home business, 5g development and information security. In this exhibition, China Mobile will specially display the content of information security, involving the prevention and combating of fake base stations, spam messages, malware, phishing stations and other bad information and software. At the same time, the on-site audience can have a live experience of volte business, VR, Migu games, music, etc

in this Pt exhibition, the exhibition of China's iron towers will be divided into three parts: sharing and creating value, professional and efficient operation, and boosting interconnection + to show the sharing effects of iron towers since their establishment. In terms of tower standardization, the tower has converged thousands of different tower types to more than 100 types of 8 types. Through modular management, the flexible combination of construction schemes has been realized, and the construction period has been shortened by nearly 30%. At the same time, the management efficiency has been improved through the interconnected procurement mode. In terms of maintenance, millions of sites have been realized, with little monitoring. In addition, relying on the advantages of iron towers and station sites all over the country, China's iron towers are not only doing a good job in sharing the telecommunications industry, but also trying to increase the achievements shared by the society. The areas of cooperation include satellite ground reception, environmental monitoring, maritime affairs, forest fire control monitoring, charging pile, Guangdi 2, control panel inspection report, etc

at the same time, at the annual Pt exhibition, Huawei, ZTE, Nokia, Shanghai Bell, Ericsson and other four major communication equipment manufacturers will gather again to bring the latest technologies of 5g, cloud computing, big data and IOT to the PT exhibition

it is noteworthy that at the 5g innovation and Development Summit Forum in the same period of this exhibition, the imt-2020 (5g) promotion team will publish the test results of the first phase of 5g technology R & D test and issue certificates to the enterprises participating in the test. The imt-2020 (5g) promotion group was jointly promoted by the Ministry of industry and information technology, the national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of science and technology in february2013. Its members include major domestic operators, manufacturers, universities and research institutions. It is the main platform to promote 5g technology research in China and carry out international exchanges and cooperation. At the beginning of January this year, China's 5g technology research and development test was officially launched. Enterprises participating in the first phase of 5g technology R & D test, such as China Mobile, Huawei, ZTE, Datang Telecom, China information and Communication Research Institute, Intel, Ericsson and Samsung, will attend the 5g innovation and Development Summit Forum and share the theme on site

the exhibition will continue to provide mobile and PC visitor registration and on-site registration. Visitors can register after logging in to the exhibition official or following the official (ptexpo China) and win didi taxi gift bag worth 100 yuan. The audience will also have a chance to win high-tech awards

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