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China International Automotive Lighting Forum: Haila innovative lighting technology shines in the audience

Shanghai. On July 5, 2018, Haila, an automotive lighting and electronics expert, took part in the Sixth China International Automotive Lighting Forum with a variety of products. Hella exhibited comprehensive lighting solutions for major automotive development trends such as electrification, interconnection, digitalization, automatic driving and personalization, which once again demonstrated Hella's technological innovation ability and leadership in the automotive lighting field. In addition, Haila technical experts shared with industry insiders the adaptive headlamp solutions for economical vehicles, lighting solutions for bad weather and new ideas for interior lighting at this forum

comprehensive 3. When the universal experimental machine is installed, it can also insert a small iron plate under the main body and dynamometer, and then align it. Innovative lighting technology

in order to provide optimized road vision, Hella is committed to studying lighting systems suitable for various driving conditions. This time, Hella exhibited the first high-definition digital lighting system - hd84 module. There are 84 LEDs distributed in a matrix inside, which are divided into three rows. Different combinations of force sharing and force adding methods produce different styles of horizontal tensile testing machines. The light intensity of 0%-100% is accurately controlled by a single LED chip, so as to adjust the light distribution required by different traffic conditions, weather conditions and road conditions When driving, the headlamp can provide optimal road visibility and accurate and dynamic road lighting, and the beam will not interfere with the line of sight of other traffic participants

in addition to the safety function, the appearance of the headlights and rear combination lamps has also become more important. They are not only an important distinguishing feature of automobile manufacturers at night. In addition, the uniform lighting function is becoming more and more important. In view of how OEM creates personalized lighting design, Haila has exhibited a number of products

in addition, Haila showed a full LED tail lamp, which is divided into two parts. This tail lamp is currently used in European, Chinese and American markets respectively. The European version is characterized in that it adopts a special design of "multi-level circuit", that is, reducing the lighting intensity at night to avoid dazzling other road users; The wing lamp of the American version is installed on the fender and is integrated by the combined position lamp, brake lamp, turn signal lamp, side reflex reflector and side marker lamp. In all the above versions, the reversing lamp is integrated into the luminous area of the turn signal lamp; The rear position lamp of the trunk lamp is realized through the light guide system, plus the scattering lens and the relief additional lens

through Haila's welcome and farewell lighting scenarios, the car's headlights and taillights can give the car a personalized appearance

today's automatic driving trend and personalized demand have a strong impact on automotive interior design. Drivers increasingly hope to adjust the lighting according to their own needs, such as creating a good personalized atmosphere on the way out. Therefore, Hella exhibited a solution using independent interior lighting language, which uses ambient lighting and matrix LED reading lights. When the driver enters or leaves the car, the horizontal light band between the ceiling handles will show a flowing lighting effect, and a pleasant atmosphere will be created when the car is driving. The optional matrix LED reading lamps located in the ceiling at the rear of the vehicle provide targeted lighting

the exhibit also includes a car body lighting device - carpet welcome lamp. The light of this lighting device is bright and can be evenly projected in the same direction. The exposure range is more than four meters, which makes the vehicle have an excellent identification that the water temperature is lower than the set temperature in the dark parking lot. At present, BMW 7 series has applied this lighting system

in addition to innovative products of lighting system, Haila also exhibited radome products, which can effectively prevent radar sensor signals from being interfered, while the application of special materials allows the system signals to pass better

Haila experts discuss new ideas of automotive lighting in depth

the hd84 module of Haila high-resolution matrix system applicable to high-end models is impressive, and the next step in the development of pixel technology will be aimed at medium and low-end models. In order to cope with this trend, Haila experts put forward the concept of double matrix at this forum. By applying an effective number of pixels, combined with intelligent pixel distribution and geometry, it will meet the needs of automotive original equipment manufacturers in terms of system complexity, power consumption and package size, and achieve sufficient performance levels and functions, so as to flexibly meet the requirements of different adaptive headlamp quality levels

Haila experts not only pay attention to the lighting system under normal weather conditions, but also devote themselves to the research of bad weather lighting. High resolution headlamps and camera based systems are important technical foundations for the realization of severe weather lighting functions. The new high-resolution adaptive front lighting system reduces the near-field light through the depth algorithm based on the sensor. The headlights can easily reduce their own glare, effectively improve the visibility in adverse weather conditions, and enable the driver to obtain a comfortable driving experience in any weather conditions

in the field of interior lighting, Haila experts shared new ideas. With the continuous development of automatic driving and personalization, the interior lighting is moving towards high-resolution. It can not only provide more automobile design languages to achieve cool dynamic effects, but also be endowed with new functions. For example, it combines radar sensors and camera software to provide drivers with more intuitive warning functions. In terms of the selection of interior lighting components, Haila experts suggest adopting a more flexible solution of switching subsystem, which can be flexibly matched according to the different needs of customers for LED light sources and micro control units

Haila shows its innovation strength and deepens local cooperation

with the automotive lighting system playing an increasingly important role, Haila will also continue to innovate in the field of lighting technology, cooperate closely with Chinese customers and provide more innovative solutions for the Chinese market

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