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China International Textile yarn (autumn and winter) exhibition was launched in August 2010. From August 24 to 26, 2010, China International Textile yarn (autumn and winter) Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as autumn and winter yarn exhibition) will be opened in hall W4 of Shanghai New International Expo Center, and will continue to be held at the same time and in the same place as China International Home Textiles and Accessories Expo and China International Knitting Expo. The exhibition was sponsored by China Textile Industry Association and jointly organized by the textile industry branch of China Council for the promotion of international trade, China Cotton Textile Industry Association, China Wool Textile Industry Association, China Chemical Fiber Industry Association, China hemp textile industry association, China Textile Information Center and Frankfurt Exhibition (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. on an unprecedented scale

relying on the joint fleet of industry associations, the autumn and winter yarn exhibition will shoulder more industries, play an industrial guiding role and help enterprises promote industrial upgrading. Compared with the China International Textile yarn (spring and summer) exhibition held in March this year, this exhibition will focus more on the display of knitted yarn. The latest research results of knitting yarn, knitting fabric, cylindrical knitwear, weaving yarn, weaving fabric and decorative fabric yarn, such as the success of China's economy in the past 40 years, lace and industrial textiles, will be displayed here. The autumn winter yarn exhibition will provide a broader business platform for exchanges and cooperation between upstream and downstream of the textile industry. It is of great significance to Unicom the industrial chain and help textile and garment enterprises understand industrial information

According to the person in charge of the yarn exhibition of the textile industry branch of the China Council for the promotion of international trade, nearly 100 enterprises from 8 countries and regions will participate in this autumn and winter yarn exhibition, with an exhibition area of 3000 square meters. Well known enterprises in the industry at home and abroad will make a concentrated appearance

among overseas exhibitors, akfil tekstil IC ve dis tic Ltd. STI from Turkey will exhibit 100% organic cotton fabrics and 95% cotton/5% organic cotton fabrics. India's envision exports PVT Ltd and Premier mills PVT. Ltd. will bring all cotton high count yarn. In addition, famous yarn enterprises from Singapore, Thailand and Pakistan will also meet with the audience. In particular, Pakistan participated in the spring and summer yarn exhibition in March this year in the form of an exhibition group, which achieved good results. At the autumn and winter yarn exhibition, the ordinary number will also organize an exhibition group to make a centralized appearance, which is believed to attract a lot of attention

in addition, domestic products and overseas products are dancing together. Domestic well-known cotton textile enterprises, such as Shandong Ruyi, Shandong Weiqiao, Wuxi Simian, Wuxi Yimian, Nantong Shuanghong, Jiangsu Xiake, China Resources Textile, Shandong daiyin, Jiangsu JinFang, Weifang Haitian, etc; Chemical fiber enterprises such as Fulida, Chunjiang light textile group, Shaoxing Changsheng, Changshu nylon, Zhejiang maybang, Zhejiang Xiangsheng and Shanghai Zhengjia milk silk; Hemp textile enterprises, such as Hunan Huasheng Dongting, Tongling Huayuan, etc; Wool textile enterprises include Erdos Group, Anhui Tianwei and Shengzhou Hongda. In addition, there are Zhejiang Lida, Shanghai Jinyin silk, Zhangjiagang Longma, Xinxiang Rixin and other well-known domestic yarn enterprises. They will all show the latest technologies in the yarn field and the world's leading R & D products at the exhibition

diversified products

the exhibits of this autumn and winter yarn exhibition will be combined with the market demand, including high-tech fiber, special fiber, new chemical fiber, functional fiber, etc., which are widely concerned by the industry, such as the most advanced environmental protection color fiber, non dyed color cotton, non dyed yarn technology, flame retardant fiber, Tencel, modal, high wet modulus fiber, bamboo pulp fiber, metal wire, high-grade cotton core spun yarn Ramie multi-component composite yarn and new products of natural and environment-friendly color spinning fully reflect the demands of the change of public consumption concept and lifestyle on new yarn products. Major yarn suppliers from all over the world will bring the best quality products to the exhibition

at the exhibition, Shandong Ruyi will display all kinds of cotton, chemical fiber and differential fiber blended yarn, Shandong Hongye and China Resources Group will bring high count yarn, and the cashmere worsted products of Ordos cashmere will greatly attract the attention of the audience. The gold and silver yarn of Shanghai yinzhichuan, the color spinning yarn of Zhejiang Hongyang and Jiangsu JinFang, the viscose fiber and color polyester filament of Fulida group, the fancy yarn of Zhejiang Lida and Rixin The ramie and flax yarn of Hunan Huasheng and Tongling Huayuan will also be intensively displayed

there are innovations in the layout of the exhibition area

the exhibition area of this exhibition will also become a highlight of the exhibition. The exhibition will focus on creating three key exhibition areas of "color spinning", "viscose fiber" and "high count yarn". In recent years, the viscose fiber market has been expanding, and the textiles and clothing made of viscose fiber have been more and more accepted by people. The viscosity ratio for spinning has been continuously improved, and the prospect is good. Therefore, this exhibition specially opened up a special area of 90 square meters to set up a "viscose fiber" zone, and invited seven representative enterprises of the domestic viscose industry, China's new material industry is large but not strong, to show the latest viscose filament and viscose staple fiber products. Driven by the industry, the viscose fiber company will interact with buyers and professional visitors, and will surely usher in better development prospects

in addition, the textile industry branch of the China Council for the promotion of international trade also cooperated with the China hemp textile industry association to organize a hemp textile exhibition group to display the products of outstanding enterprises in the hemp textile industry. At that time, it will become another scene of the exhibition

at this year's spring and summer yarn exhibition, the participation of Shandong Lingxian newspaper group became a highlight of the exhibition. In continuation of this practice, the exhibition organizers are also actively coordinating with Fujian textile industry association and enterprises, hoping that local organizations can also organize cluster exhibitions, which is currently being implemented

exhibitors have redoubled their efforts to build competitive brands, which has become the key for domestic enterprises to explore the market. Therefore, the enterprises participating in the yarn exhibition also noticed the importance of using the yarn exhibition as a platform for brand building, and displayed their products in the form of special booth

the participation of a number of innovative and powerful enterprises that still maintain a strong development trend in the global financial crisis has enabled this year's yarn exhibition to play a leading role in the industry. We believe that the autumn winter yarn exhibition will not only provide the most international and creative exhibition platform for exhibitors of fiber, yarn, knitted fabrics and knitwear, but also provide a platform for more Chinese enterprises and world-class yarn suppliers to exchange and learn from each other, and build a communication bridge between the upstream and downstream of textiles

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