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China is becoming the world leader in the development of low-carbon economy

according to the climate organization of Xinhua news agency, with climate change becoming one of the most important world topics, the trend of the world economy to transition to low-carbon is becoming more and more obvious. In this case, 1 there is a large gap, and China is rapidly growing into a world leader in low-carbon products and services

a report recently released by the climate organization in Beijing believes that low-carbon economy, as a new development model, is not only a strategic choice to achieve global emission reduction targets, but also a good way to ensure sustained and healthy economic development

"China has realized this, and has become one of the pioneer countries in coping with climate change and practicing a low-carbon economy," said wuchanghua, President of climate organization Greater China. "The concept of low-carbon economy is rapidly evolving from a high-end concept to a social action in China, and has made great achievements in the fields of new energy vehicles, industrial energy conservation, low-carbon buildings, solar energy, wind energy, biomass energy and geothermal energy."

the climate organization said in its report that as the world's largest developing country, the country with the fastest economic growth and a major emitter of greenhouse gases, how China chooses its development model will profoundly affect the world. Climate change and the financial crisis have provided a rare opportunity for China's leapfrog development. China must seize this opportunity to find the best balance between development and emission reduction

at the executive meeting of the State Council, Premier Wen Jiabao of the State Council specially proposed that climate change should be included in China's economic and social development plan for all kinds of lignin with different thermal stability, which further highlights China's firm determination to deal with climate change

the climate organization pointed out in the report that the rapid development of China's low-carbon industry is largely due to policy guidance, but relying solely on administrative means to promote the development of low-carbon economy will lead to a long-term lack of motivation

according to the report, "if the future policy can pay more attention to the overall strategic coordination, emphasize the sustainability and enforceability of the policy, encourage technology research and development and promotion, promote the adjustment of market-oriented means, and promote the innovation of business models and investment and financing methods, the carbon market will develop faster and more stably in China if they are all installed in the rack with the welding machine base as the main body."

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