Entering my entrepreneurial journey, Kangying alum

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After graduation, I began to work formally. My income gradually stabilized, but there was little surplus. Seeing that my friends of the same age have become all powerful in the workplace, even after 1990, they have become entrepreneurial pioneers. I am still stagnant, and my life has lost challenges and freshness

I work as a waiter in a hotel. The business of the hotel is very good. I enter the busiest working period. When I get home every night, I am so tired that I sleep on the sofa and don't want to move. I want to sleep until dawn

in cities with high price levels, this is a choice where disasters are more than blessings. I decided to start a business, only give myself one year to design, and then I will embark on my entrepreneurial journey

in this year, I need to find out my strengths, then choose the industry, look at Feng Shui, find stores, understand the market, understand the brand, understand the products, select products, store decoration, brand samples, advertising, from the official opening to normal business, step by step, because it is the first business, every step is very cautious, every detail is very important, and we should ensure that everything is safe and make a good start, The future development will be more beneficial

entrepreneurship, I joined a Kangying door and window brand store, which is one of the top ten brand stores of doors and windows. At the beginning, although it was a little hard, the store business was also general. My friend said that your product was so expensive, and the business must be bad. Who wants it? You sell cheap products, and don't more people buy it

nowadays, quality is very important, and many people like high-end products. I joined Kangying door and window brand because its brand concept is "calm down and enjoy life", which can give people what they need. The products are not only good in function and quality, but also novel enough. No matter what I do, I will do it well. Every product I sell requires customer satisfaction and quality assurance. No matter how much money I earn, at least I will be happy

after a few months, the store began to improve, and gradually more and more customers, most of whom were introduced by old customers. I began to certify that in a word, because the products and services are good, the reputation will naturally be good. I began to have employees and accountants. I can let employees see the store. I go to the market. I need to have a deeper understanding of the market and let more people use better products

from the beginning of selling swing doors, sliding doors and hanging doors to now, swing doors, sliding doors, heavy sliding doors, heavy swing doors, hanging doors, folding doors, broken bridge aluminum doors and windows, sunshine rooms have also been ordered by many people, especially the heavy series and sunshine rooms, which have occupied the entire market. In more than half a year, my income doubled five times, several times faster than I expected

three years later, from an 80 square store to more than 200 square stores, the number of employees increased from three to more than a dozen, and they began to have their own installation team and business team. They are all elites who have been professionally trained by Kangying headquarters, so now I don't need to worry about a few things in the store. They also do very well. Now it's much easier to manage, and the store is bigger, but easier, I don't know whether it's my strong ability or the role of Kangying door and window strength school. Anyway, this is enough to prove that my choice was right

after five years of entrepreneurship, I have become a real self-made winner. Making money is for a better life in the future. Entrepreneurship has become a test of ability, and brand has cast my success




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