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In the process of decoration, it will also cost a lot of money. However, many people will want to do a cost-effective decoration, and can also decorate to a high grade, but they don't know much about it. For this reason, when purchasing materials, there will be a part of the money left, resulting in poor decoration effect. If we want to decorate, we must understand the key points

1. Before decoration, a designer cannot do without a process, but we are not very clear about the design. We can find a designer and then have good communication with the designer. The simple style of design or other styles should make rational use of space, reduce the waste of materials and time, and achieve environmental protection without wasting space

2. When purchasing materials, many people think the brand is better. Of course, this is the implementation, but we also need to shop around. Don't feel hard, go more and ask more, list the purchase list, and be aware of it. For example, in the cost of home decoration, the cost of materials accounts for more than 80%, so how to choose decoration materials with moderate price and guaranteed quality is very important to control the decoration cost

3. When decorating, we will also pay part of the cost of workers. Of course, this part of the cost is also a relatively large expenditure. We often say that time is money. How to save time and improve the progress of the project is undoubtedly a key issue for decoration

4. In fact, when buying decoration materials, many people will choose to buy them by themselves, mainly because this will save some time. Look at other people who work well and find workers to work, which will save money. I used to run a decoration company, but I'm a little tired. I have time to watch this worker work there. If it's not good, I'll tell the worker in advance. When the work is finished, I'll tell the worker that he won't change it for you

5. When decorating, many people will think that looking for a decoration company is a waste of money. Don't look for “ Road guerrillas ”, But don't look for large decoration companies. Large companies have high operating costs and advertising costs, which will be passed on to customers. Don't choose the newly opened home decoration company. The quality management direction of the new company is prone to some problems, and the loss may also require customers to pay tuition fees. You can find some decoration companies that are not well-known but have a good reputation as colleagues and friends before

6. After the decoration is completed, many people and owners will leave a lot of materials. Of course, some materials can be returned, but others will be stored or thrown away, which is not only waste, but also very serious pollution to the environment. It is understood that many people who like forums often post all the information about their home decoration surplus materials to some decoration forums to find buyers, while others who decorate or refit need these materials. They often like to buy high-quality and low-cost materials online, so as to realize the scientific utilization of surplus materials

the above are the money saving methods introduced by professionals to us. The main reason is to calculate carefully and don't fall into the trap. Especially for people who don't know how to solve problems for the first time, they will cause money and economic losses in the decoration. Therefore, we need to pay attention to and understand them and help us make a money saving decoration





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