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The door is the first impression of the owner's home. The door is not only the guarantee of safety and the protection of privacy, but also shows the taste and pursuit of the home owner. Therefore, when choosing the door for the new home, the owners must choose the cost performance, not just the pursuit of saving money

doors are the first impression of the owner's home. Doors are not only the guarantee of safety and privacy, but also show the taste and pursuit of the home owner. Therefore, when choosing doors for their new home, owners must choose cost-effective, not just to save money

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entry door: safety first

entry door is the first door to enter the house, which is also called anti-theft door because of its high anti-theft performance. There are mainly five kinds of entry doors according to their materials: iron doors, stainless steel doors, copper doors and armored doors. Among them, iron doors and stainless steel doors have medium performance and price, which are suitable for general residential use; The copper door has good fire prevention, corrosion prevention, prying prevention and dust prevention performance, but the price is high, which is suitable for high-grade residences such as villas. No matter what kind of door, the safety also depends on the solid door lock. It is recommended to use a new type of steel anti-theft lock, choose double-sided double row bullet slots, and there is a blade or curve lock cylinder next to it, with the highest safety factor (it takes a skilled unlocking master an hour or so)

interior door: select

Interior door as needed. The selection of interior door depends on the way of opening the door, such as flat open or push-pull, left open or right open, inside open or outside open, etc. do not waste indoor space and cause inconvenience

the types of indoor doors commonly include baking free doors, paint baking doors, steel wood doors and solid wood doors. The most appropriate doors should be selected according to the different use space: paint free doors are the cheapest, but they are not resistant to sunlight, temperature, and poor waterproof, so they should not be used in balconies and toilets; Paint interior door has high cost performance and stable physical and chemical performance, which is the mainstream choice for applicable space: bedroom, study, bathroom, kitchen, etc; The cost performance of steel wood door is similar to that of paint door, but it should be noted that the steel plate will produce small pits after being impacted, which cannot be restored to its original shape; Solid wood doors are high-end, beautiful, comfortable to touch, and environmentally friendly. The disadvantage is that the price is high, and they can be used in luxuriously decorated bedrooms, study and other spaces




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