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1. To see whether the effect meets the requirements, modern decoration basically involves design. When checking and accepting, we need to focus on whether the progress of the construction scope is completed and whether the quality meets the requirements. If the owner feels that he is not professional enough, he can ask a professional designer to help check, especially whether the details of the wall and bathroom are handled well

2. Don't forget the completion data. After the decoration is completed, the construction party needs to provide the owner with as built circuit drawings, interim acceptance records, completion acceptance records, settlement sheets and other completion data. The owner must ensure that these things are in hand before settlement

3. Air detection: generally, it is advisable to stay in after the decoration is completed, because there will be decoration pollution after the decoration is completed. The owner may wish to ask a professional organization to detect the indoor environment during the acceptance to see whether its concentration meets the environmental protection standards, and at the same time, it can also judge the suitable occupancy time according to the detection results

4. The warranty note should remember that the decoration also has an after-sales service period. After the decoration is completed, the construction party must issue a warranty note for the home decoration project. If there are problems after the acceptance and check-in, contact the construction party in time for treatment

decoration acceptance is a very complex work. If the owner is worried that he is unprofessional, it is best to find professionals for acceptance to ensure that all construction projects are qualified. (recommended reading: how to do decoration acceptance?)

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