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We should also pay attention to the details of healthy diet in the kitchen when we are alert to the impact of environmental protection of furniture on health. Rongshida tells you a few kitchen details that you have to know to keep you away from cancer

when cooking at home, in addition to paying attention to the taste, it is also very important to pay attention to how to eat healthily. Xiaobian will introduce you some healthy kitchen details today to keep you away from cancer

clean up the impurities in the oil in time

when frying food, there are often small dregs or debris left in the pot. After repeated frying for a long time, they will turn black and paste, producing a lot of harmful substances. Once attached to the food surface, they will be harmful to health after eating. Therefore, when frying food, prepare a small fence or a leaky spoon with a very fine mesh to fish out the impurities in the oil in time

control the oil temperature and shorten the frying time

the higher the oil temperature during frying, the more toxic and carcinogens will be produced. When frying, it is ideal to control the temperature at 160-180 degrees Celsius. At this time, there is little oil smoke, and the food will bubble a lot after being thrown in, but it will not change color immediately. If there is a lot of smoke, or the food changes color too fast, the temperature is too high

brush the pot immediately after frying

because the black pot scale will produce benzopyrene and other carcinogens after repeated heating, posing a threat to health. In addition, do not keep the oil burning for a long time, because when the edible oil is heated to more than 270 ℃, the lampblack will contain a large amount of benzopyrene, which is easy to increase the risk of human lung cancer after inhalation. After cooking, don't hurry to turn off the range hood. It's best to keep it on for about 20 minutes

eat with green leafy vegetables

when eating fried food, you should control the amount. If one dish in a meal is fried, other dishes should be light and less oil, preferably cold dishes, steamed dishes, stews, etc. Green leafy vegetables contain a lot of chlorophyll and antioxidants, which can reduce the mutagenicity of carcinogens in fried foods to a certain extent

water frying is fuel-efficient and healthy

there are many semi-finished products wrapped in frying powder in supermarkets, such as chicken rice flowers, chicken chops, etc. when processing this kind of food, you might as well abandon frying and try water frying. Specifically, put a little oil at the bottom of the pot, add a spoonful of water, and use steam to heat and steam the ingredients. After the water evaporates, a little oil will fry the bottom of the ingredients. The food made by water frying method is crisp at the bottom and soft at the top, fragrant outside and tender inside. It tastes good, but the fat content is not high and it is relatively healthy

with several kitchen health precautions given by Rongshida, you can keep your colleagues who are enjoying delicious home cooked dishes away from cancer hazards




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