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Compared with the modern cost of traditional shopping malls, both buyers and sellers attach great importance to the selection process. So, who is in charge of today's shopping malls? And how should aluminum alloy door and window dealers, who have been struggling in the professional sector for many years, grasp the dynamics of spending and steadily occupy the terminal shopping malls

shopping malls tend to be young and personalized

there is a saying that "waves behind push waves ahead". In every era, consumer malls are assisted by the young generation. With the renewal of the consumer army, 80 and 90 became the main consumers of consumer malls at that time. Its new generation characteristics, which like to show personality, have also become the driving force for aluminum alloy door and window dealers to plan and develop products and keep up with the trend of the times. As we all know, the traditional professional cost of doors and windows is developed and produced according to the needs of shopping malls. In this kind of door and window goods limited to the form of mechanization, there is still a large gap between the products of the post-80s and post-90s generation with their own colors

the need for cooperation is the main

the dealers of aluminum alloy doors and windows are carrying out side-by-side, and changing the difference is the most useful method. Instead, they must meet the needs of spending, return the right of selection and dominance to the consumers, and let the consumers decide the door and window products they really like; On the basis of satisfying the needs, providing consumers with very good commodity experience is the ideal shopping mall. And the marketing tactics like "flickering" can only make the dealers of aluminum alloy doors and windows reduce their own development space and form a bad image enterprise

in a word, as long as the dealers of aluminum alloy doors and windows grasp the core needs of current spending, obtain the recognition of consumers, and seize the opportunity in combination with the actual situation of the mall, they can seize the market share in the shopping mall with fierce competition and achieve long-term development





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