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Shanghai recharge card will replace plastic with paper to reduce pollution. PVC plastic recharge card is being replaced by a paper recharge card. The environmental pollution caused by more than one million discarded recharge cards per month in Shanghai will be greatly improved

from the appearance, this paper-based "green recharge card" is the same as the password letter received when handling the bank card. It is a piece of checkered paper sealed around. After tearing it, you can see the password, purchase point and card exit time

for users, paper cards are more secure, avoiding problems such as scratching the card surface, password theft and unknown service life. The "green recharge card" also indicates the point of purchase and the time of card issuance for verification. If the company subscribes for 19.9% of the equity of American lithium with us $49million, it will buy fake cards, cards that do not match the face value, etc

Shanghai Mobile currently has 5.6 million prepaid users on the e-commerce platform, and the payment method is basically recharge card. Waste plastic recharge cards are difficult to degrade and pollute the environment

at present, the average monthly sales volume of "green recharge cards" in Shanghai is about 30million yuan. Based on the face value of 100 yuan each, it can replace nearly 300000 PVC plastic cards every month

the promotion of paper rechargeable cards also saves operators' costs. The manufacture of plastic recharge cards needs many links, such as design, processing, transportation, inventory and sales. However, the paper cards are completed in the convenience store at one time. Users must add the required type and number of recharge cards to the recharge machine, and the paper cards will be printed out within a few seconds

paper rechargeable cards have been sold in chain convenience stores in Shanghai. This green card is expected to cover more than 2000 supermarkets and convenience stores in the city and gradually replace the existing PVC plastic recharge card

a relevant person from Shanghai mobile communication company said that as operators focus on blocking the source of plastic card production and the promotion of paper rechargeable cards, the card consumption of mobile communication will fully realize "green consumption"

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