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GE Fanuc intelligent platform launched reinforced XMC based on NVIDIA GPU. On December 2, GE Fanuc intelligent platform announced the launch of reinforced high-performance graphics XMC - xmcga6. Xmcga6 uses NVIDIA G72 or G73 GPU (graphics processor) to locate applications requiring high-performance graphics processing in a strict environment. The original industry of G72 can not generate profits, and the two GPUs of G73 are usually used in high-end game platforms such as geforce 7300gs and geforce 7600gt. The launch of xmcga6 also demonstrates the close cooperation between GE Fanuc intelligent platform and NVIDIA Corporation

peter Cavill, general manager of GE Fanuc intelligent platform military/aerospace products, said: "The requirement for high bandwidth internal interconnection drives the rapid development of express daughter cards. The launch of xmcga6 is a good supplement to the integrated graphics solution we just launched - se2. Se2 uses an Intel Core 2 Duo processor and an NVIDIA GPU. XM uses different technologies. The launch of cga6 also enriches our graphics solution and can meet more application needs."

xmcga6 supports 8-channel PCI Express and can provide optimal communication with the main platform. The main platform can use GE Fanuc powerxtreme 6U VME ppc9a single board computer. The xmcga6 can also be adapted to a 4-channel PCI Express environment as needed. The product supports up to 256 Mbytes GDDR3 memory (G73)

because of its rich i/o interfaces, xmcga6 can be used in most conventional video applications. Two independent channels can support RGB analog video and digital DVI. More attention is paid to the adoption of new technologies and new modes to improve traditional industry 1.0. The maximum resolution can reach 1600 x 1200, and rs170, NTSC or PAL standards are supported. In addition, xmcga6 supports video input in rs170, NTSC or PAL formats, which can be used to collect sensor data

supported operating systems are: windows, Linux and VxWorks


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