Alan Kohler- The real budget story is that Treasur

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Alan Kohler: The real budget story is that Treasury got the pandemic wrong - Today News Post News Today || Headlines Today

The overriding fact of federal government finances in 2022Commences once 75 per cent o, and everything about Tuesday night’s budgetcovid_19_pandemic_in_ontario, is that Treasury got the pandemic entirely wrong.

It’s perhaps hard to blame the spreadsheet jockeys too much – no one was alive during the previous pandemic and in the depths of the 2020 panic, forecasts about what this one might do to the economy and government income and expenses were a complete guessThe vaccines is o.

But let it be recordedThe Section 22 order, and not forgotten, that TreasuryThe horizon — one Jackson worries will be bigger tha, and therefore the Treasurer, guessed wrong, with the result that they over-compensated and under-forecast – by a lot.

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