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Yimi Yuntong: Otis, the elevator tycoon, is looking for him

recently, Otis Elevator and Yimi Yuntong have been together. What is the situation of Shenma

Otis Elevator Company was founded in 1853 in the United States by Elisha graves Otis, the inventor of the world elevator industry. For more than 160 years, Otis Elevator has always maintained a leading position in the elevator industry. At present, there are 1.6 million ordys. 1. The maintenance methods of spring fatigue testing machines are operated in more than 200 countries and regions around the world, and they can carry the global population every three days

from the American statue of liberty to the Eiffel Tower in Paris; From Sydney Opera House in Australia to Oriental Pearl TV Tower TV Tower in Shanghai; 20 famous landmarks around the world 4 According to the control mode, there are mainly open-loop control (manual control) and closed-loop control (automatic control). Among the buildings, 12 use Otis elevators

in 1984, Otis entered China, and Tianjin Otis is the headquarters of the company in China, responsible for national business and personnel management

"Our polymer R & D center attaches great importance to the continuity of normal operations

ran goose. Recently, Tianjin Otis has been a little annoyed, a little annoyed, a little annoyed...

a little annoyed

Otis customer service department uses its own work order maintenance system to push work orders to engineers everywhere every day. There are always many work orders that cannot be seen by maintenance engineers at the first time due to SMS notification or message notification, resulting in service delays. At the same time, the original The system of cannot determine whether the engineer can view it, so it needs to push it manually for many times

because elevators are all over the country, the service center needs to arrange a lot of manpower to contact engineers, which not only costs high, but also has low efficiency

if there is a platform that can automatically push the work order to the Engineer at the first time and ensure efficient delivery rate and feedback rate, the picture is simply wonderful

cloud switchboard open platform API solution

based on the voice notification function of cloud switchboard open platform API, when there is a property that needs elevator maintenance, the system will connect the work order information to the maintenance engineer in the area in the form of, and the platform records the answer status (the engineer has answered/not answered). Feed back to the work order background system through the API server to perform corresponding operations. If the maintenance engineer does not answer for the time being, the platform will make a second call to ensure the transmission of information

provide key feedback function. During a call, the maintenance engineer can press the key according to the voice prompt to choose whether to accept the order. The background of the work order will perform corresponding operations according to the key results

it supports the text to speech function, and the sent voice notification can be either template or written by the customer


100% notification arrival rate, ensuring that each work order can make engineers respond in time

compared with the original method of manual seats one by one, the intelligent order distribution of cloud switchboard is not only more convenient, but also reduces the number of manual seats and saves personnel salary costs

every call record is well documented, which can effectively monitor the order receiving response process and avoid the delay of engineer service

efficient solutions not only solve the problem of Otis' adherence to open development, but also make Otis' service quality praised by users

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