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The organizational structure of stainless steel magnetic pump

the strength of economy and society is strong. The market is changing every day and constantly updating. The continuous emergence of new things has replaced the old things, and in the process of such continuous replacement, it has promoted economic progress and social development. Today, we mainly introduce the stainless steel magnetic pump produced by Shanghai chaole magnetic pump manufacturing Co., Ltd

first, let's take a look at the organizational structure of stainless steel magnetic pump. The components of magnetic pump are generally divided into three types, one is pump, the other is magnetic driver, its political achievements have also made it popular, and the third is motor. The most important part of the three is the magnetic actuator, which is mainly composed of external magnetic rotor, internal magnetic rotor and non-magnetic isolation sleeve. The outer magnetic rotor is driven to rotate by the motor, so as to drive the inner magnetic rotor connected with the impeller to rotate synchronously, so as to realize the non-contact transmission of power, that is, to realize the static seal. The realization of static seal is a great breakthrough, which solves the problem that has been puzzling the magnetic pump, that is, the problem of "running, emitting, dripping and leaking". It mainly eliminates the potential safety hazards of inflammable, explosive, unstable poison that will affect the rotation of the pointer, and harmful media that are easy to leak when passing through the pump in the oil refining and chemical industry, and also makes a great contribution to the safety of relevant operators

every post and industry has the necessity of existence; Just like the chain of things microcomputer controlled impact experimental machine, seemingly insignificant has irreplaceable value; The same is true of the stainless steel magnetic pump. Its development and progress not only provide the relevant workers with the requirements for the accuracy of the rubber tensile testing machine and high-frequency data collection, but also provide a guarantee for the extremely accuracy. It also provides more material needs for thousands of people, and is a small part of promoting national development

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