Others' opinions are the best intervention in the

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The opinions of others in the design are the best intervention

the opinions of others in the design are the best intervention ---- listen to others' opinions and judge whether they enhance or weaken my design parameters

as a designer, sometimes it's frustrating that people can't see the obviously correct design. Usually, designers are not always completely correct. This conclusion is very common for industrial design. I think it's a positive pain point that restricts the development of graphene at present: one is that it's easy to wear and scatter the problem signal, because when others don't agree with my work, It means that we are getting closer to a solution; Before everyone agrees, we must first agree by ourselves! We can try our best to collect some information, filter and analyze these information, get a result, and then put forward a feasible and correct scheme of experimental instruments and equipment

I think it is important to respect everyone's opinions in design; A valuable view is not based on whether the person has attended five different schools. An opinion is just a personal understanding of a particular problem. A valuable point of view is that it is often not to tarnish design knowledge, but to remain completely separate from it. It is different from criticism; In qianchonglang, when we put forward opinions on a project, we should try to think clearly first

I love this design process more than I like the final effect. I naturally believe that only by loving design can we achieve the desired effect; You can have different views

over the years, my satisfaction and the urgent need to supplement the short range of Chengxin energy all come from the experience of the design process. (end)

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