List of top ten largest cranes in the world

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The list of the top ten largest cranes in the world

cranes are one of the important classifications of construction machinery. According to the recommendations of the construction machinery giants this year, the lifting equipment factory store announced the list of the top ten largest cranes in the world:

first, the pride of made in China - XCMG xgc88000 crawler crane

XCMG xgc88000 crawler crane is the largest crane in the world. At present, among all cranes in the world, Unsurpassed, domestic machines are finally proud

XCMG 4000 ton crawler crane xgc88000 adopts the design of long-span front and rear crawler cars + combined boom + combined slewing device, which ensures the realization of the development process of large lifting weight and strong moment from imitation to independent renovation with the most reliable layout

second, Liebherr lr13000 crawler crane

Liebherr lr13000 crawler crane is suitable for the hoisting of the latest generation of nuclear power plants. It is particularly important for the prefabricated modular hoisting of a single heavyweight, and its weight is getting larger and larger. Liebherr lr13000, with a main boom of 78 meters and a tower boom of 72 meters, is said to have a maximum lifting capacity of about 3750 tons under full load. The largest boom and jib combination is 246m, including 120m main boom and 126m luffing jib, providing a maximum hook height of 240m

third, zoomlion-zcc3200np

zcc3200np is one of the crawler cranes with the strongest lifting capacity and the first technical level in the world to send the hydraulic oil in the oil tank to the oil delivery valve through the oil pump. The product adopts the overall scheme of "parallel double arm frame + front and rear crawler cars", which breaks through the design idea of the traditional crawler crane, and makes a breakthrough in the overall stability and anti rollover ability of the crane, and the safety performance is significantly improved; The maximum lifting capacity is 3200 tons

fourth, Terex demagcctwin2

cctwin crawler crane has a maximum lifting capacity of 3200 tons, a working radius of 8 meters and a maximum lifting torque of 44000 tons. This is the crawler crane with the largest lifting capacity in the world at present. In essence, the crane is a double arm crane composed of two 1600 ton cc8800 type 1 cranes that will play an increasingly important role in automobile lightweight, with a counterweight of 1740 tons in the super lift state

fifth, lampson-ltl-2600b crawler crane

ltl-2600b crawler crane, the lifting torque is up to 80000 ton meters, the main boom is meters long, the auxiliary boom is meters long, and the maximum lifting weight is 2358.2 tons

sixth, manitowak-31000

31000 is the crawler crane with the largest lifting capacity designed and manufactured by manitowak, which adopts innovative self-supporting counterweight. This unique design, called the variable position counterweight system, can minimize the paving area of the crane and the preparation of the working ground. During the test, it lifted 2500 metric tons of test weight. The rated lifting capacity of this type of crane is 2300 metric tons

seventh, Sany group scc11800

Sany scc11800 crawler crane has a maximum lifting capacity of 1180 tons, which is equivalent to lifting six Boeing 747 airliners. The maximum lifting torque is 15500 tons · meters. The whole machine weighs 740 tons, plus 780 tons of ballast counterweight, with a total weight of 1520 tons

eighth, Huba quy260

Huba quy260 crawler crane, with a maximum lifting capacity of 260 tons. In the design, in addition to requiring a certain accuracy, the length of the main boom is meters, and the luffing angle of the boom

ninth, Yutong heavy industry ytqu160

Yutong heavy industry ytqu160 is developed and designed in combination with advanced technology at home and abroad. The engine adopts American Cummins qsl9 electronic control engine, 209kw/2000rpm, and 400L fuel tank. The engine and torque limiter are designed with CAN bus. The maximum lifting weight is 160t, the basic arm is 18m, the length of the upper and lower jibs is 9m, the longest main arm is 81m, the basic arm of the auxiliary arm is 13m, the length of the upper and lower jibs is 5m, the longest auxiliary arm is 31m, the maximum combination of the main arm and the auxiliary arm is 69m+31m, the main arm can walk with load, the operating radius is 5m-60m, the weight of the whole machine is 150t, and the maximum lifting torque is 850T m。

tenth, manitowac MLC100

manitowac MLC100 crawler crane has a maximum lifting capacity of 100t, a maximum lifting torque of 371tm, a main boom of 73m, a main boom plus an auxiliary boom of 85m, and an engine power of 224kw

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