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"Little brother" in the mechanized army! Caterpillar armored transport vehicle

speaking of mechanized troops, everyone first thought of the majestic tanks and the accompanying infantry fighting vehicles behind, as well as the roaring self-propelled artillery behind, but rarely noticed the unknown caterpillar armored transport vehicle, and even the sense of existence was not as good as all kinds of fast-moving wheeled armored vehicles

at the beginning of its birth, the crawler armored personnel carrier was defined as a means of transportation for infantry. It is a "battlefield taxi" that stops immediately after waving. It is used to transport infantry and various materials, and then use its own self-defense firepower to support infantry. It is also a motorized infantry vehicle

however, as a "battlefield didi", the tracked armored personnel carrier has shortcomings. Although it has a large space, it feels comfortable to ride. It bumps badly and noisy. It is easy to get tired after a long ride. In "soldiers assault", there is a picture of soldiers bumping up after getting off the car. At the same time, the speed is relatively slow. After all, it's crawler, and it can't be much faster no matter how fast it is. Then there is the lack of defense, which can block shell fragments and light weapons at most, and can do nothing in the face of large caliber machine guns. Anyway, I can't help it. Why don't I equip a wheeled armored personnel carrier that is relatively cheap, fast and comfortable to sit on

"soldiers' assault" is still very realistic

therefore, since the middle and late cold war, major countries began not to develop tracked armored personnel carriers. For example, the 89 type, M113, MT lb of China, the United States and Russia were used first, focusing on the development of tracked infantry combat vehicles and wheeled armored personnel carriers. The former can choose an armored infantry platoon equipped with an additional tracked infantry fighting vehicle to load three infantry squads. The latter is more suitable as "battlefield didi", and it is relatively comfortable to sit up. Of course, light armored vehicles such as Hummers have further grabbed the spotlight of "battlefield didi". The US soldiers are still the soldiers of eliminated products that are explicitly stopped or strictly controlled, running all over the ground

the U.S. military is equipped with four "Bradley" infantry vehicles in three shifts

but countries have not completely forgotten the existence of tracked armored personnel carriers. After all, pure mechanized troops still pursue full tracked (except commuter vehicles). After all, full tracked mechanized troops have strong trafficability and can walk on almost any terrain. In addition, the crawler armored personnel carrier has a large space, which can make it easier for teams carrying heavy weapons to sit in, such as 100mm mortars, anti tank missiles and so on. In addition, it can be transformed into various special vehicles, such as medical vehicles, reconnaissance vehicles and command vehicles

this is another development trend of tracked armored personnel carriers: platform, or general chassis

take China, the United States and Russia for example. The new generation of tracked armored personnel carriers in these three countries is basically a medium-sized general-purpose platform. In addition to the basic troop transportation function, it began to be refitted into various special vehicles

at present, the main armored personnel carrier of the people's Liberation Army is zsd-89 armored personnel carrier. The development model is changed to zsd-89, but the innovative design of components and the promise of technology can help solve these problems. It is generally called "89 change". The main features are six small-diameter load wheels and corrugated stiffeners on the side skirts, especially the latter is a major feature different from the 04A infantry combat vehicle chassis. The stiffeners on the side skirts of the 04A chassis are transverse

this is the battlefield reconnaissance vehicle with the 89 modified chassis, which lengthens the body to expand the body space, so it has become six small-diameter load wheels.

speaking of the weapon with the highest appearance rate with the 89 modified chassis, it has to be said that the pll-05a crawler 120mm forced grenade run, as an important support firepower at the level of heavy synthetic brigade battalion, is quite photographed

the corrugated stiffener proves that it is a member of the 89 modified vehicle family. A synthetic battalion gun company has six guns

the M113 series of the U.S. Army originally has a variety of derivative models, and the subsequent model of M113, aMPV, is called "multi-function armored vehicle", 60% to 70% of the components are related to the "Bradley" infantry combat vehicle "It can be used in common with each other. There are a variety of derivative models. The U.S. military plans to gradually replace the veteran M113 with an aMPV.

the prototype vehicle of the aMPV is also six load-bearing wheels. In order to expand the internal space, countries basically choose to add a pair of load-bearing wheels to lengthen the five models of the vehicle body


Russia is a relatively early start in this regard. After btr-50, the Soviet army will no longer develop tracked armored personnel carriers, and from btr-60, it is wheeled armored personnel carriers chariot. The responsibility of the tracked armored personnel carrier was handed over to the MT LB multipurpose armored vehicle. This is a very successful medium-sized general-purpose chassis, which has received high evaluation in countries outside the Soviet Union/Russia. It can be used as the chassis of armored transport vehicles, tractors and self-propelled guns. At present, the Russian army has transformed the WDW series microcomputer controlled electronic universal experimental machine produced by Gabriel company and is still in service in the Russian army

mt LB multi-purpose armored transport vehicle

the Russian army originally planned to use the "kurgan-25" as the chassis of the new generation of medium-sized general-purpose armored vehicles, but the current economic situation in Russia is not very good, but in the end, it will be difficult to push it away for a while, so it can only use MT LB first

the chassis performance is still good, but it is still an old saying that a penny is difficult for heroes. It is difficult to equip t-14 "Amata" tanks in batches, not to mention these little brothers


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