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Listen to customers' needs, cooperate to create value

listen to customers' needs, cooperate to create value | Liu Gong appeared at BMW 2019 with new products

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at this BMW 2019, Liu Gong and RUISTA brought 20 new products of a full series, including loaders, excavators, graders, forklifts and RUISTA bulldozers. The products exhibited reflect Liugong's complete set of equipment solutions, covering mining, quarrying, demolition, material handling, public facilities, landscaping, road and highway construction, agriculture and other fields. It not only shows the charm of Liugong's high-end intelligent manufacturing through high-quality products, but also perfectly demonstrates Liugong's commitment to listen to customers' voices and cooperate to create equipment that brings value-added effects for customers

during the BMW exhibition, in order to let users personally feel the charm and quality of Liugong products, and enrich its exhibition content at the same time. Liu Gong meticulously held a competition for machine operation skills for audiences around the world. The scene was popular, and the contestants were PK on the same stage, showing their exquisite skills

Liugong machine operation skills competition invitation

taking this precious opportunity of BMW 2019, Liugong and RUISTA will always pay attention to and listen to the voice of customers, gain insight into the real needs of customers, continue to improve Liugong's products and services, and better serve global customers

nine beautiful products shine in the audience

the new 909ecr short tail excavator

Recommendation Index: ★★★★

the new Liugong 909ecr short tail excavator perfectly reflects Liugong's core values of "customer orientation". At the beginning of the development, Liugong made an in-depth investigation on the needs of British leasing customers for short tail excavators. The original intention of the design was to fill a gap in the British leasing market and obtain a pass to enter this rapidly growing market. 909ecr has excellent stability and versatility. It is suitable for bucket or crushing hammer to meet a variety of construction applications in complex and narrow environments on roads and inner cities

950e demolition excavator

recommended index: ★★★★

the new Liugong 950E excavator is customized for heavy demolition conditions. Liugong cooperates closely with kocurek UK, a British partner, and extensively solicits customer suggestions to build new equipment that meets disassembly conditions and customer needs. The new equipment is equipped with a reinforced boom stick, with a maximum working height of 30 meters, stable performance and stronger load. Using the accessory pipeline installation kit, it only takes 30 minutes to complete the switching between the standard arm and the lengthening arm. The design of this standard installation joint has been manufactured and used for more than 20 years. It has been repeatedly verified on more than 700 tons of equipment and has been widely used. Liugong 950E has a wider working range and is suitable for a variety of accessories under heavy load conditions to ensure that it can complete its work faster and better. In order to ensure the comfort and safety of the operators in the disassembly work, the cab window and roof glass of Liugong 950E use five layers of laminated thickened glass. The optimized design of the joint between the front windshield and the cab ceiling provides operators with unparalleled upward vision. Rops/fops certified cab, with a wide field of vision and standard rear-view camera, is convenient for operators to pay attention to the surrounding environment at all times, without any worries

848h loader with excellent performance and multiple functions

Recommendation Index: ★★★★

for customers in the waste utilization and recycling industry, they hope to use one device to meet different task needs. The new Liugong 848h fully meets the expectations of customers. This equipment is equipped with a new ergopower series electric control gearbox, with soft gear shifting, providing safe and comfortable operation experience for the operator. At the same time, it can achieve flexible switching between various accessories and be competent for different jobs. The 848h is equipped with Cummins QSB6.7 engine that meets the EU phase 4 emission standard, combined with wet axle, 5-speed gearbox and lockup clutch. The whole machine has powerful power and green energy saving. The advanced load sensitive hydraulic system shortens the time of the loader's V-shaped operation cycle change experimental machine, which is divided into spring change experimental machine, wire change experimental machine and material change experimental machine. Liugong's quick connector device can realize the rapid switching of accessories, and further improve the production efficiency

new five stage loader -856h

recommended index: ★★★★★

856h is equipped with a new v-stage engine, which further stimulates Liugong's potential to meet the needs of the high-end market in the fields of material processing and stone preparation. In addition to meeting the latest EU Emission Regulations, Liugong has strengthened the loading and unloading capacity of the equipment and improved the V-shaped operation efficiency according to the feedback of customers, making it more suitable for the application needs of the quarrying and stone processing industry. The appearance of this equipment marks that Liugong has officially entered the Euro 5 emission stage. Carrying the advantages of Liugong, Merco believes that DNA, and equipped with wet bridge, 5-speed gearbox, locking hydraulic torque converter, electric proportional handle and other high-end configurations, gives the equipment a continuous strong production capacity and creates greater value for customers with less use cost

the design of Liugong 856h machine conforms to ergonomics. Even if you drive for a long time, you will not be tired, which greatly improves the output of the equipment. Silicone oil shock absorption enables it to effectively prevent material overflow even on rough roads

European market tailored 890h loader

Recommendation Index: ★★★★★

in the face of this difficult world, the challenges of extreme working conditions are everywhere. Liugong 890h implements the brand commitment of "extreme working conditions, strong equipment" and easily meets various challenges. For heavy-duty customers, the 890h can obtain the maximum power with the minimum energy consumption. It is equipped with Cummins 4-stage engine, which can generate strong power and maximize torque output even at low speed. The power shift gearbox and the advanced load sensitive hydraulic system provide excellent digging force, giving the 890h speed and flexibility. The intelligent power cut-off function further improves the braking efficiency and reduces the energy consumption of the braking system, thereby reducing fuel consumption. 890h further optimizes the design configuration of the cockpit, which has both safety and comfort. The new dust removal system significantly improves the cab environment

10. Turn on or turn down the iris aperture on the condenser under the stage 4180d grader

recommended index: ★★★★

Liugong 4180d grader is a new product that integrates the design DNA of Liugong's product family. It is a brand-new product designed and developed by the team of Liugong UK industrial design center in close cooperation with customers and dealers. It will also remind you to pay attention to the products on the basis of reviewing the traditional grader production. Liugong 4180d has a 324 ° panoramic view. Its unique 5-Pillar cab and brand-new interior design bring unprecedented comfort to the operator and greatly improve work efficiency. The equipment adopts a new type of impact resistant material, which has a more uniform weight distribution and can be recycled. The convenient maintenance channel saves time and effort for daily maintenance, and effectively reduces the downtime of the equipment

new 2015a-t battery forklift

Recommendation Index: ★★★★★

Liu Gong's newly launched 2015a-t three fulcrum balanced weight electric forklift is a member of the C series family. It adopts advanced electronic control equipment, which integrates efficiency, performance and operating comfort. Liu Gong listened to the voice of customers, improved the cockpit space, provided operators with 15% more working space than the previous equipment, and helped them continuously improve the comfort of daily operation. 2015a-t forklift is easy to maintain, and the battery box cover can be opened nearly 90 °, greatly saving maintenance time. At the same time, motor, gearbox and other power assemblies are compact, safe and stable, and easy to maintain

for RUISTA, the voice of customers is also reflected in the product design DNA

RUISTA's new td-15 and td-25 crawler bulldozers are good examples of putting customers' voices into action. Before designing these new machines, the British industrial design team and R & D team conducted extensive and detailed collection and Research on the habits and needs of operators

RUISTA new td-15 crawler bulldozer

recommended index: ★★★★★

td-15 is a new machine, equipped with a power system that meets the EU V-level emission standard. Its design is to provide customers with a general equipment that can meet the needs of different applications through a wide range of frame structure choices and a variety of blades. The new load sensitive steering gear controls the direction of the blade and scarifier more accurately, reducing fuel consumption by 10%. Thanks to the new cab design, td-15 brings a comfortable and safe driving experience to the operator. The area of the cab glass panel of td-15 is increased by 30%, which greatly improves the operating vision of the equipment with the rear camera; Its daily maintenance is also convenient and accessible, ensuring the normal operation time and efficiency of the machine

RUISTA new td-25 crawler bulldozer

Recommendation Index: ★★★★

customer feedback is as clear as in the new td-25. The cab glass is increased by 30%, and the rear view camera is equipped as standard, which greatly improves the visibility and safety of the control. The new suspension buffer chassis design provides the operator with unique comfort. Even in the application of harsh rock conditions, it can also ensure strong traction and ensure the productivity of the equipment. The operating environment in the micro pressurized cab has been completely improved. The ergonomic cab design can effectively alleviate driving fatigue and improve operation efficiency. The optimized suspension system and hydraulic system greatly reduce the operating noise and vibration, thereby greatly improving the driving experience of the operator

RUISTA provides bulldozer products with power from 78 to 536hp, which are reliable, comfortable and mature. It is suitable for various types of earthwork operations to ensure continuous and strong productivity

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