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Liu Daoqin of China Yituo sanzhuang factory: like a doctor, Liu Daoqin of China Yituo sanzhuang factory: like a doctor, Liu Daoqin of China Yituo sanzhuang factory has worked in China Yituo sanzhuang factory since 2004. From December 2004 to June 2012, he has been engaged in the research and development of tractor hydraulic system, tractor cover parts and complete machine in the product department; Since July 2012, he has served as the trainee Director (temporary post) of the interior decoration workshop; He has served as assistant director of quality management department since December 2012; He has served as deputy director of quality management department since December 2013

"our work is very similar to that of a doctor who sees, smells, asks and cuts patients. Unqualified products are patients. Our work is to treat patients well and ensure good quality for users." The quality Yulian group of sanzhuang factory firmly controls the two advantages, said Liu Daoqin, deputy director of the management department

in October 2013, China Yituo set up a power shift product project team, and the third assembly plant also set up a special power shift team, in which Liu Daoqin was responsible for the quality control of power shift products. Compared with mechanical shift products, power shift products have many advantages, such as high efficiency, fuel saving, reducing driver fatigue and so on. However, as a new thing, users need a process from understanding to acceptance, especially when it is launched to the market in the early stage, "is it easy to use? Is it reliable?" It is the most concerned problem of users, which is not only related to whether the reputation of Dongfanghong products can be continued, but also related to whether the power shift products can win the market in the later stage. Therefore, in order to improve the reliability of power shift products, measure the friction force and friction coefficient of samples, and deliver high-quality products to users, Liu Daoqin and his colleagues solved one problem after another

Liu Daoqin has his secret to solve quality problems. First, we should rely on the strength of the team to measure at the beginning of 2017. He said: "quality work affects the whole body. Everyone's work is related to others, and one person can't complete it." Second, the quality management idea should be clear, and there should be a complete set of management and control system and standards. For power shift products, the control of all links should be more strict, and the screw should be adjusted to the appropriate position; Tighten the oil return valve to make the stroke more refined

in April this year, sanzhuang factory issued the "management measures for quality control of power shift products", which will be implemented from May 1. "This is a set of standardized management guidelines we have formulated to steadily improve the quality of power shift products to meet the needs of users for increasing product quality requirements. It is applicable to the whole process of power shift product processing, assembly, product incoming inspection and product commissioning and warehousing." Liu Daoqin said

the measures reflects a management idea of Liu Daoqin and his colleagues, which is to refine and refine. Quality control will be carried out from the procurement of parts and components, and no details will be missed, such as the proportion of spot checks, the number of spot checks, distribution, department coordination and so on. The power shift tractor implements the "one machine, one card" system, that is, each power shift tractor is equipped with a quality rectification implementation card. The rectification items are implemented to each station, and a special person is responsible for it. After the work is completed, it is signed. The whole process is very clear and strict

"after the implementation of the one machine one card system, the effect is very obvious, which has mobilized everyone's strength and put it into place. At present, there have been two or three rounds of major rectification of power shift products." Liu Daoqin said, "as a new thing, the quality improvement of power shift tractors also needs a process. At present, on the one hand, it is necessary to train personnel, a large number of employees who are familiar with power shift products, and ensure the stability of personnel; on the other hand, it is also necessary to further improve the quality awareness of employees. This problem has no end."

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