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List of top 100 enterprises in China's coatings, inks and pigments in 2005

list of top 100 enterprises in China's coatings, inks and pigments in 2005

may 08, 2006

2006 China Petroleum and chemical industry economic situation high level forum was held in Beijing. At this meeting, the China Petroleum and chemical association and the industrial traffic statistics department of the National Bureau of Statistics jointly announced the 2005 coatings, inks List of top 100 enterprises in pigment and similar products manufacturing industry:

serial number enterprise name

1 Zhejiang Longsheng Holding Co., Ltd.

2 Nippon coatings (China) Co., Ltd.

3 Guangdong meitushi Chemical Co., Ltd.

4 DuPont China Group Co., Ltd.

5 Langfang Nippon Coatings Co., Ltd.

6 Guangdong China Resources Coatings Co., Ltd.

7 PPG coatings (Tianjin) Ltd.

8 Shanghai paint Co., Ltd.

9 Shanghai International Paint Co., Ltd.

10 Guangzhou Zhujiang Chemical Group Co., Ltd.

11 AkzoNobel paint (Dongguan) Co., Ltd.

12 Shandong Lehua paint Co., Ltd.

13 China paint (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

14 Hunan Xiangjiang paint Group Co., Ltd.

15 bournemen Swire paint oil (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

16 Haihong Hempel brand (Kunshan) Co., Ltd.

17 bonamen Swire paint oil (China) Co., Ltd.

18 Guangdong garberry Chemical Co., Ltd.

19 Shanghai Guanxi coating Chemical Co., Ltd.

20 Bayer coating system Shanghai Co., Ltd.

21 China paint (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

22 AkzoNobel coating (Jiaxing) Co., Ltd.

23 Nobel great wall coating (Guangdong) Co., Ltd.

24 Henkel Co., Ltd.

25 BASF polyurethane (China) Co., Ltd.

26 Guangzhou Jotun ocean paint Co., Ltd.

27 BASF Shanghai coating Co., Ltd.

28 King Kong chemical (Kunshan) Co., Ltd.

29 type macarone coating by the value of the lower bending point is relatively stable material (Kunshan) Co., Ltd.

30 Dongguan Lili coating Co., Ltd.

31 medium coating chemical (Guangdong) Ltd.

32 Zhongshan zhudian New Material Co., Ltd.

33 Shanghai cyanate surface technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

34 Zhejiang tiannv group paint Co., Ltd.

35 Tongling Xiwa insulation material Co., Ltd.

36 Tianjin COSCO Kansai coating Chemical Co., Ltd.

37 AkzoNobel coating (Tianjin) Ltd.

38 Hunan Yada New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

39 Hebei Renyuan group

40 Wujin Lanling Chemical Group Co., Ltd.

41 AkzoNobel great wall coating (Ningbo) Ltd.

42 Wuhan lino Chemical Group Co., Ltd.

43 Guangzhou Nippon coating Co., Ltd.

44 Foshan Jialishi Chemical Co., Ltd.

45 Zhongshan Wuzang coating Co., Ltd.

46 Foshan Sanai Chemical Co., Ltd.

47 Lili Industrial (Shanghai) coating Co., Ltd.

48 Dongguan Dabao chemical products Co., Ltd.

49 Hangzhou Sino French Chemical Co., Ltd.

50 Haihong Hempel brand coating (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

51 Suzhou PPG packaging coating Co., Ltd.

52 Shandong Changyu Group Co., Ltd.

53 Penglai special fire retardant coating factory

54 Chongqing Three Gorges paint Co., Ltd.

55 King Kong chemical (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

56 Tianjin Shenglin Chemical Co., Ltd.

57 Shanghai Olsen DONGBANG coating Co., Ltd.

58 Changzhou Guanghui Chemical Co., Ltd.

59 beco industrial coating (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

60 Jiangsu Changjiang coating Co., Ltd.

61 Jiangsu sunrise Chemical Co., Ltd.

62 Jiangsu Shuangle Chemical Pigment Co., Ltd.

63 Shandong Laizhou Jianguo chemical plant

64 Penglai organic chemical experimental plant

65 Qidong Qingyun Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.

66 Hengchang coating (Huiyang) Co., Ltd.

67 Aksu Nobel Xinjin automotive repair paint (Suzhou) Ltd.

68 Zhejiang Nanfang Coating Industry Co., Ltd.

69 Shanghai Huasheng Chemical Co., Ltd.

70 Laiyang yalimei coating group company

71 Taichang resin (Foshan) Co., Ltd.

72 Hebei CHENHONG paint Group Co., Ltd.

73 Shijiazhuang oil paint factory

74 Foshan Shunde Yuegang Dadi paint Co., Ltd.

75 Nanbao resin (China) Co., Ltd.

76 Zhongshan Bridge Chemical Co., Ltd.

77 Foshan Jingzi Paint Technology Co., Ltd.

78 DuPont Red Lion (Beijing) Paint Co., Ltd. the sample size is as small as 0.006mm in diameter, gold wire company

79 Suzhou Nippon Yashili paint Co., Ltd.

80 Shunde Jinguan paint Group Co., Ltd.

81 Shanghai Xuanwei jinlitai paint Co., Ltd.

82 Xinyu Qianwei Chemical Co., Ltd.

83 Guangzhou Chenbao Chemical Co., Ltd.

84 Wuxi Huhuang paint Co., Ltd.

85 DuPont Red Lion (Changchun) Paint Co., Ltd.

86 Yongji paint industry (Kunshan) Co., Ltd.

87 Kaifeng Wuyi paint factory

88 Shenyang Chemical paint factory

89 Changxing chemical materials (Zhuhai) Co., Ltd.

90 Xuzhou Wantong paint Co., Ltd.

91 Hangzhou paint Co., Ltd.

92 Zhejiang universal paint Group Co., Ltd.

93 Zhejiang Huanda paint Group Co., Ltd.

94 Mianyang Changxin new material development Co., Ltd.

95 Nippon coating (Guangdong) Co., Ltd.

96 Dengzhou Jialilai coating Co., Ltd.

97 Suzhou jialewei enterprise Development Co., Ltd.

98 Shanghai Tu purchase favorite experimental instruments and materials Co., Ltd. Kailin paint factory

99 Guangzhou Caihui Chemical Co., Ltd.

100 Shenzhen Songhui Chemical Co., Ltd

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