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Liu Binjie: digital publishing should achieve leapfrog development and reach the world's advanced level in five years. Liu Binjie, director of the General Administration of publishing, pointed out at the first national digital publishing working conference that China's digital publishing industry has shown a strong momentum of development and has become a strategic emerging industry and a new economic growth point of the publishing industry. He stressed that China's digital publishing should achieve leapfrog development and reach the world's advanced level in five years

Liu Binjie pointed out in the theme report that since the eleventh five year plan, China's digital publishing industry has mainly shown the following six characteristics: first, the scale of the digital publishing industry has been expanding, and the development model has become increasingly clear; Second, the application level of high and new technology has been continuously improved, and more than 50 national standards and industrial standards for the product fluorine chemical industry are formulated and revised under the auspices of polyfluorocarbon, which has become increasingly abundant; Third, the pace of transformation of publishing enterprises is accelerating, and traditional publishing and digital publishing show a trend of integration and development; Fourth, the effect of industrial agglomeration continues to strengthen, and the overall development of the region is beginning to show signs; Fifth, the popularity of digital reading has accelerated, and consumer demand has become increasingly strong; Sixth, the government has been increasing its support, and the industrial policy has been improving day by day

in order to extend the service life to a great extent, thoroughly implement the spirit of the Sixth Plenary Session of the 17th CPC Central Committee, and promote the development of the digital publishing industry to achieve a new leap, Liu Binjie proposed six specific tasks, including accelerating the integration of content resources and constantly launching high-quality digital publishing products; Accelerate the adjustment of industrial structure, promote the transformation of traditional publishing industry, and upgrade with the continuous progress of modified technology; Speed up the construction of the delivery platform and establish a new system of content dissemination as the official partner of the project; Focus on key areas and give play to the leading role of major projects; Accelerate the research and development of key technologies and improve the scientific and technological content of the publishing industry; We will fully meet the cultural needs of the people and promote the construction of a digital service system for public culture

Liu Binjie said that during the 12th Five Year Plan period, the formulation and implementation of digital publishing industry development policies will be accelerated; Speed up the establishment of access and exit mechanisms for digital publishing enterprises; Accelerate the construction of national digital publishing industry base; Vigorously promote digital publishing to go global; Strive to create a good environment for the development of digital publishing industry; Accelerate the implementation of the digital publishing talent training project

During the conference, Guangdong, Shanghai, China Education Publishing Group and other units made exchange speeches, and relevant experts gave special lectures on the digital transformation of the publishing industry. More than 170 responsible comrades from local publishing administrative departments, publishing groups, newspaper groups, national digital publishing bases, some new media enterprises, as well as China Mobile and Chinatelecom attended the meeting

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