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Potential of industrial textiles to be tapped

in the future, industrial textiles will be the most p) automatic shutdown in the textile industry: products with development potential after sample fracture. Wangtiankai, vice president of China Textile Industry Association and President of China Textile entrepreneurs' Federation, said yesterday

it is reported that industrial textiles, also known as technical textiles or intelligent textiles, can increase the strength of concrete and reduce the weight of aircraft and trains. As a textile pad, it can improve the safety of track. As a mixture of curtain and metal fiber, it has fire prevention function. It is widely used in transportation, industry, medical treatment, architecture, aerospace and other fields. It is a high value-added product

Quantai has signed a number of docking agreements

recently, 30 CEOs of key listed textile enterprises at home and abroad and a number of cross-strait authoritative industry experts have conducted industrial docking and fashion exchanges in Shishi. At the docking meeting, China Textile entrepreneurs' Federation and Taiwan Textile Development Association also signed 10 win-win cooperation strategic agreements, including "establishment of alliance committee", "establishment of Entrepreneur Club", "docking of industrial chain resources of new technologies" and "docking of Taiwan standards and inland standards system"

the export volume of clothing products of Taiwan textile enterprises is decreasing year by year, while the export proportion of innovative and functional home decoration products and industrial textiles is gradually increasing, Yeyixiong, executive vice chairman of Taiwan Textile Industry Development Association, said: "in recent years, the product structure of Taiwan's textile industry is gradually changing, which has certain reference significance for many textile enterprises in Quanzhou."

according to hexianzhong, general manager of Xinguang Synthetic Fiber Co., Ltd., on the export list of Taiwan's textile products in 2009, clothing products were less than 1% of the total. "Compared with our counterparts in the mainland, we have no advantage in production capacity. At present, the research and development of functional fibers and industrial textiles has become the focus of Taiwan's enterprise development."

potential of industrial textiles to be tapped

according to expert analysis, the industrial textiles of mainland enterprises started late, most enterprises did not have the strength to invest a lot of money in the development of high-end technical products, the development of relevant basic disciplines was relatively backward, and few institutions engaged in the research and development of technologies with good core stability and other characteristics. Therefore, there was a high-end B. the supply of screw products regularly inspected at the jaw was in short supply The embarrassing situation of low-grade product homogenization and price reduction competition. Today, industrial textiles account for only 17% of the fiber processing volume of the whole industry

"in the past, we did not pay enough attention to industrial textiles, and many textile enterprises did not understand its scope of application and development potential." Wangtiankai said, "at present, the fiber processing volume of clothing and household textiles has become saturated. In the future, industrial textiles will be the most potential products in the textile industry."

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