Power assisted by 3200t crawler crane of Zoomlion

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Great power heavy weapon! Zoomlion 3200t crawler crane assisted the hoisting of the outer dome of Hualong 1 Fuqing nuclear power unit 6 on July 25, the global demonstration project of Hualong 1 Fuqing nuclear power unit 6 of China Nuclear Power Group successfully realized the hoisting of the outer dome steel formwork by directly bonding the skin on the production line to the upper layer of the honeycomb. Zoomlion 3200t crawler crane undertook this important task and successfully completed the task. The successful completion of the dome hoisting marks the further optimization and improvement of hualong-1 in the construction field, and highlights the excellent operation ability of Zoomlion's super large tonnage crane in the high-precision and difficult hoisting task

the outer containment dome of unit 6 of Fuqing nuclear power plant is the main steel structure, which is located at the top of the nuclear island. The outer containment dome weighs about 420 tons, the bottom diameter is about 53 meters, and the height is about 13 meters. Its main function is to form the concrete of the outer containment at the top. For such a big Mac, the difficulty of hoisting task is self-evident. Zoomlion aluminum alloy tensile machine can be used to stretch, shrink, zigzag, and resist materials within 5000n. Corresponding to the tensile strength, there are also experiments such as compressive strength, bending strength, etc., stripping, puncturing, etc. the 3200 ton crawler crane has strong lifting performance, superior operation stability Accurate fretting performance, including efficient production, perfectly completed the hoisting task. On the day of hoisting, as the wind speed measurement met the standard, the hoisting of the steel formwork of the outer dome was carried out in an all-round way. Zoomlion 3200t crawler crane slowly lifted the dome off the ground. After amplitude variation, hook lifting, traveling, translation and adjustment, the hook was dropped steadily and put in place on the outer containment shell of the reactor building

in view of the importance and complexity of the hoisting of the steel formwork of the outer dome, the construction team of Hualong No. 1 demonstration project and the technical team of Zoomlion attached great importance to and cooperated with each other, sorted out the prerequisites before hoisting in advance, carried out special safety and quality inspections and multiple comprehensive concealed inspections, overcame the difficulties caused by high temperature weather, and ensured the smooth completion of the hoisting work, It laid a good foundation for the subsequent construction of the outer dome structure of the unit

a great power, Zoomlion! Zoomlion has once again demonstrated its strong strength in the R & D and manufacturing of super tonnage cranes to the world, leaving one brilliant milestone after another in the history of world hoisting development

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