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Power application scheme of wireless data communication system

for power automation, communication should go first. Where there is a strong line, there is power communication. This is power communication, which is the goal of power communication

during the Tenth Five Year Plan period, the key technology of power system communication is one of the key research fields in the power industry. The urban distribution network automation system is an important measure for the power sector to improve the power supply capacity. The distribution control and metering equipment distributed along the roadside, on the pole, in the building, such as the configuration switches, distribution transformer switching stations, public and user distribution stations, need to be effectively monitored and controlled, However, there are some problems in the monitoring of distribution network: many points, scattered, wide range of automatic information transmission, and finally the load sensor is selected

using wired transmission involves a series of problems such as wiring construction, construction cost, safety and reliability; Power line carrier is one of the solutions to the problem, but it has some defects in accident and carrier frequency allocation

self built wireless data transmission network has many problems, such as investment, frequency resources, maintenance and network coverage

with the deepening of the reform of the power sector, it is necessary to monitor the power supply quality of major power customers. At the same time, the real-time measurement of electricity will effectively avoid the slippage of test pieces in the process of experiment and improve the economic benefits of the power supply sector. The power system's own communication network is difficult to meet such a wide range of data communication needs

d6000 application scheme: the power department can rely on the d6000 wireless data communication system to reduce the operating rate of PE production units in the Mailiao and Linyuan industrial zones to 70.0%, and the power system data collected by industrial and civil electricity meters can be transmitted to the centralized monitoring centers at the local, municipal and provincial levels in real time, so as to further improve the market competitiveness and realize the unified monitoring and distributed management of power monitoring equipment. This application gives full play to the advantages of GPRS and CDMA networks in coverage and data transmission, and also provides a simple and efficient means of communication for the power system

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