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The electric assistant of Hollysys LK PLC - lk420

the programmable controller product (PLC) of Hollysys group, a famous leading brand of industrial automation in China, has been tempered and honed for more than ten years since its introduction in the country. At present, LK series medium and large PLC brands have been successfully applied to thousands of industrial sites, widely distributed in municipal, water conservancy and hydropower, electric power, heat source plants and other national key industries, and have made remarkable achievements in the industry, And won a good reputation in the customer base. At present, LK series PLC has been recognized by many customers in various industries. It not only provides users with cost-effective and reliable automatic control products, but also provides comprehensive, diversified, customized, refined and professional industry solutions, so as to truly save users 1 money, worry and effort. At the same time, Hollysys' targeted livelihood industry and high-quality and high-depth solutions fully reflect the sense of society and the national 12th Five year plan requirements for energy conservation, consumption reduction and emission reduction, so as to truly serve users and be responsible to the society

lk series PLC has welcomed its new member LK420 power acquisition module. This module can be used in power plants, office buildings and other industries and regions that need to measure electrical parameters, and has a very wide range of applications. The functions and features of LK420 mainly include:

lk420 is a DP bus electric quantity acquisition module in LK series PLC products. The measured electric quantity parameters include voltage effective value, current effective value, active power, reactive power, apparent power, power factor, etc

lk420 enables comprehensive electrical analysis to be implemented through fieldbus. According to the voltage, current, effective power, apparent power value and load conditions, users can optimize the power supply of drives or machines and protect equipment from accidents and power outages

lk420 module is composed of functional template and LK series module general shell. The module is a double-layer board structure, and each template is connected with the backplane through a 32 pin European connector. There are two status indicators on the template, which are used to indicate the running status and channel status of the current module

lk420 module supports PROFIBUS DP protocol and completes data exchange with the master controller as a DP slave

November 3

lk420 module, together with LK Southwest Aluminum cold tandem rolling, was used together with other PLC products of China Aluminum Materials Institute. It can easily and effectively complete the related fields of power monitoring and building automation. Over the years, Hollysys group has always adhered to the business philosophy of sincerely thinking for users, and truly achieved China MPa—— Strain manufacturing, world quality, has made great contributions to China's livelihood industry. Reliable products, professional solutions, high-quality services and Lishi LK series PLC products are worthy of users' trust

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