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In September, the enthusiastic midsummer ushered in the peak sales season of building materials. Kwikset, a hardware lock giant from the United States, took advantage of this trend to further expand its sales channels - grandly entered the home decoration center of Red Star Macalline home furnishing group

the enthusiastic Midsummer in September ushered in the peak sales season of building materials. Kwikset, a hardware lock giant from the United States, took advantage of this trend to further expand its sales channels - grandly entered the home decoration center of Red Star Macalline home furnishing group. The establishment of jiabeide decoration center is to meet the one-stop home decoration needs of customers. The center is a one-stop chain brand integrating decoration design, decoration construction and building materials retail. It relies on domestic and foreign brands with excellent services. This time, kaite'an Kwikset and Jiabei have achieved mutual benefit and win-win as the core, realizing the strong cooperation between kaite'an Kwikset's brand, product value and Jiabei's one-stop decoration center

with the growth rate of jiabeide's distribution, after entering Wuhu in September, kaite'an Kwikset has successively entered stores in Nanjing, Beijing, Tianjin, Suzhou, etc. Consumers can choose and buy door locks, room locks, building hardware and other products required for home decoration in jiabeide, and the products selected by kaite'an Kwikset include both cost-effective domestic products and imported products with foreign customs, which can meet the needs of all kinds of customers. In order to let customers feel kaite'an Kwikset's concept of "global brand local price", kaite'an Kwikset selects 8 products from the supply products for preferential promotion, so that customers can enjoy the global brand value with local price

the bright gold door lock package (real gold conjoined room lock 03, bright gold hinge, door touch) is selected for the kaite'an Kwikset "happy purchase" promotion, which is more suitable for European and luxury design style; At the same time, there is also a set of silk bright nickel room locks suitable for modern style (10 silk bright nickel combined bathroom locks, door knocks, stainless steel brushed hinges)

[introduction to Kwikset]

Kwikset is the innovative leader of smart door lock brand in American home and commercial door locks. Since its establishment in 1946, its brand and product charm of safety, convenience, intelligence, cutting-edge and personality have been favored by consumers and become a selected model of American home and commercial door locks

as a boutique door lock, caiteran, like other high-end locks, has high standard safety performance, excellent appearance design and unique surface treatment. In the process of product creation, from the rationality of product design to the aesthetics of the overall effect, from market taste to cutting-edge fashion, from the ingenious application of scientific principles to people-oriented human thinking, designers carefully consider every detail, endow the product with aura, and show noble quality

kaite'an annotates the brand connotation with noble, elegant and innovative design, ensuring that each product is a classic product with exquisite craftsmanship, unique elegance and comfortable feel


Kwikset has the patented technology of smart key, which not only has higher-level anti prying and anti unlocking functions, but also has revolutionary key reset technology. In life, keys are often lost and stolen; Family members are locked indoors; There are too many keys in many apartments that are difficult to manage. As long as smart keys are installed, these problems will be solved. Smart key can be changed at will to meet the needs of high security level. If the key is lost, the user can easily and safely change the key within 30 seconds without removing the lock from the door. Family members are locked, easy to replace, no longer have to smash the door. At the same time, as long as it is easy to set up, it can also realize the common use of one key and share one key in many occasions and places, so as to avoid the trouble of managing several strings of keys in multiple apartments, and make life more worry free and reassuring

[Kwikset has a long history]

1946 - the founder of Kwikset, Adolf schoepe, and Karl rhinohart founded the brand

1957 - caiteran became a subsidiary of American AHC company. AHC guides the commercial and industrial lock industry, while caiteran continues to explore the civilian market. Kaite'an became the first manufacturer of civil locks, and the title of civil locks first began

in 1989, Baide acquired the kete'an business department and established another new production base

1999 – kaite'an and Piaofei faucet, as an independent business unit, are called Baide hardware and home furnishing group (HHI)

2003 - in October, Baide acquired Baldwin and Weiser from Masco to expand bathroom and door hardware products, thus owning four major brands, Kwikset, price Pfister, Baldwin and Weiser

in December 2012, Stanley Baide hardware and home furnishing group (HHI) was acquired by American spectrum holding company, and Kwikset became a member of spectrum hardware and home furnishing group




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