The wardrobe invisible room is really much larger

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The spirituality of space lies in its ingenious use. Zero space seems to be at a loss. Unexpectedly, there is another village with a bright future

the spirituality of space is that it can be cleverly used.

zero space seems to be at a loss.

what's expected, there is a bright future in another village

sliding door wardrobe

it is more convenient to get clothes

some bedroom walls are not load-bearing walls, but only space separation. The wall entry sliding door wardrobe is integrated into the wall, and there is no need for vertical opening and closing space. It turns out that this is the legendary wall, which can also be accommodated

entering the wall wardrobe can not only improve the conversion rate of space utilization, but also increase the sense of spatial hierarchy. Push open the wardrobe, and the scattered storage cabinets are unique

closets with concealed doors

clothes are clear at a glance

customized wall type closets greatly enhance the use area of the space, effectively expand the living space, and are fashionable, beautiful and practical, and better harmonious and unified with the overall environment

entering the wardrobe into the wall is like putting plastic clothes on the wall. It doesn't occupy any space on the ground, but it has a spacious storage space out of thin space, which makes it more beautiful

to the top wardrobe

achieve the maximum utilization of space

double door shutter covered wardrobe uses vertical space to maximize the storage of small space. The color of the wardrobe is consistent with the wall, which can be completely hidden in the bedroom, and the wardrobe will truly become a secret treasure space

extend the wardrobe to the top, customize the wardrobe from the bedroom space, and go to the door wardrobe, which is clean and tidy. For the traditional hidden door wardrobe, it saves more space, and the interior can also be planned for different zones

the design of covering the door + going to the top of the door and entering the wall makes the space utilization rate reach 100%. The space of infrequent items and common items is separated, which is convenient to use. The metal shutter wardrobe is perfectly matched with the whole bedroom





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