Baiping space simple European mixed style

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This is a two bedroom and one living room with a building area of 104 square meters. The owner spent only 50000 to build it into a fashionable and elegant simple European wedding room. If you don't want to make your home too complicated and luxurious, but you don't want to lose the emotional appeal and refinement, then choose the simple European style

the sofa background is not engraved and decorated, but only left blank, which increases the sense of space visually

the wallpaper in the arched shape of the TV background wall is a beautiful scenic spot that attracts eyeballs. It is more beautiful under the spotlight configured by the designer

the simple European style is a good blend of the neat and clean simplicity and the exquisite and gorgeous traditional European style

the dark red background wall of the restaurant, iron chandeliers and white dining tables and chairs complement each other

the open kitchen is noble and elegant

retains the general feeling of material color, and wood color helps to highlight elegance and elegance




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