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Only inviting investment but not maintaining business, killing a group of dealers

only inviting investment but not maintaining business, killing a group of dealers

the annual fast investment attraction of horse racing enclosure has become an important work for all enterprises and new brands. Enterprises all understand that in order to rapidly develop and share the market cake, they must quickly establish a channel network. With a strong channel, brand awareness will rise rapidly, and products will be exported to end customer families. After years of market experience, we have found that too many enterprises and shopping malls have a big problem, that is, investment attraction is very fast, but the survival rate has been low, resulting in repeated work not only year after year, but also more and more difficult to attract investment

pay more attention to investment promotion than business support, and the future will be endless.

many enterprises have racked their brains and made great efforts to attract investment. Some enterprises spend a lot of money to participate in various exhibitions every year; Some enterprises play with the crowd tactics, establish a huge investment promotion team and develop dealers by sweeping the streets; Some enterprises make large-scale investment advertisements on the Internet to attract customers to leave information for follow-up investment promotion; Some enterprises look for or buy a large amount of information in the industry, and make use of telephone and SMS to bombard and attract potential dealers; Some enterprises set up regional model markets to attract investment by holding regional small-scale investment promotion meetings; Other enterprises use third-party professional investment agencies to cooperate in investment promotion. In a word, almost all the available methods have been used. In addition, various high commission incentives have yielded a lot

in fact, it is not so difficult to attract investment. As long as your brand is OK, as long as your products can meet customer needs, as long as your price is competitive, as long as you have a clear profit model, and after market-oriented packaging, smart merchants can basically deceive customers into missing the North, and give them some benefits such as free or discounted samples, decoration subsidies, or opening support, Or a certain advertising fee, potential dealers who are ready to invest in this industry can be caught at a loss, and the task of recruiting dozens of dealers a year can be basically completed

however, the reality is that the investment promotion work has been completed, but the business support work has not been done satisfactorily. The practice of most enterprises is that customers sign contracts - store decoration - sample loading - start business. They think that after such work is completed, the channel has been established. There is no training, no support, no key follow-up, and it is almost completely self-sustaining. After a year, new dealers are struggling. Some are crying out that they have been cheated, some can't persist in closing down, and then find other brands. A new cycle has begun, Few can survive and develop well

you should know that when a market is not established and the old dealers die for various reasons, it will be difficult to attract investment from this region. As far as the local area is concerned, you have been included in the blacklist. In a word, your reputation has become bad. Everyone in the industry knows that so and so brand has not been established. Who dares to do it again next time? This circle is not large. Many of them are made by insiders or close to the industry. There are many acquaintances. Sometimes potential customers from surrounding markets will come to investigate. Once they know that it is difficult to do something, there will be an effect that good things will not go out and bad things will spread far and wide. Even more hateful, the old dealers have closed down, and there are still a lot of follow-up problems in the market that have not been resolved, which is even worse. Rather than this, it would be better to empty the market first and then enter it when we have a certain strength

the caregiver should be a nanny and help the horse to get a ride

everyone who has a baby at home knows that it is not difficult to have a child, and it is very difficult to raise a child. Since you want to have a child, you have the obligation and responsibility to raise the child well until you become an adult, otherwise you, the legal guardian, must bear all the accidents and responsibilities in front. We believe that for new dealers, the enterprise must provide nanny service and help them to survive independently. The enterprise must not shirk its responsibility. The following is our summary of the "Ten Rules for maintaining business", which can be used as a reference for all brand factories and shopping malls

■ natural selection leads to the entry of the fittest

the selection of new dealers should not be blind. It should not only be based on whether they have money, relationships, stores and determination, but also be comprehensively considered. Through comparative analysis, it should be analyzed whether the potential dealers can develop within a certain period of time, and whether they can adapt to the company's culture and development direction. This requires setting thresholds, such as measurement standards, and strengthening the follow-up assessment of investment promotion personnel, so as to avoid blind investment promotion or random commitments by investment promotion personnel in order to complete the task

■ sort out ideas and find a suitable profit model

before entering, we should first make in-depth communication in combination with our own brand, products, and the relationship, ability and strength with potential dealers, and find a profit model suitable for the development of dealers. We should not only know what we know, but also let potential dealers know what we know. At this time, most of the work will be smooth sailing and full of passion

■ find or assess the store and make site selection planning

the location and area of the store are the core hardware of dealers who rely on the development of the store. The manufacturer's personnel must conduct rigorous assessment. Those who do not have a store can assist in finding the store. Those who have a store should also conduct detailed assessment. The site selection must be superior or superior. Otherwise, it is better to delay the follow-up action

■ drawing design, product sample selection

selected the location, and then the store decoration drawing design. For the drawing design, it requires in-depth communication between the manufacturer designer, the regional manager and the dealer. It is very important to know how to go, how to place the products and how to plan the layout. It must be combined with the actual situation to avoid directly copying the company's design module and talking on paper. The same is true for the selection of products. Considering the local consumption capacity, consumption concept, competitors and other market conditions, they have their own functions and have certain market competitiveness

■ personnel recruitment and training

personnel are always one of the core competitiveness of dealers. A strong team can help dealers develop at a high speed. For experienced and competent dealers, the manufacturer can let them operate freely. For inexperienced or inexperienced dealers, the manufacturer must assist in recruitment and strictly control the quality. Personnel recruitment is only a semi-finished product. Manufacturers can train shopping guides, designers, installers, salespeople and store managers through various modes, such as headquarters training, regional training, store training and brother market training. This requires lenient entry and strict exit. They can work directly after training

■ store assistance, sorting out the system

while the personnel are in place, a set of effective store management system process needs to be released at any time. Regular manufacturers and brands will have a set of templates for dealers' reference. With the assistance of the regional manager, the system will be adjusted to a new store system and adjusted appropriately in the implementation process. The first announcement should be made with the assistance of the regional manager. The training and explanation of the system should be done first, so that every clerk can understand, accept and sign for implementation. At this time, it is necessary to provide various materials needed by the store to the dealers and clerks, help the store establish a material library, and connect with the company

■ assist in the trial operation. After the birth date

stores, personnel, products, systems and processes are all in place, the new store enters the trial operation stage. Here, the author emphasizes that trial operation must be carried out first, which has three advantages: first, adapt to and sort out the difficulties in the preliminary work, and pass the running in period as soon as possible; Second, train shop assistants and soldiers to prepare for getting on the right track as soon as possible; Third, accumulate customers and popularity for the later opening. During this period, the attention and assistance of the manufacturer's personnel are most needed. The regional manager must help the store for a few days to solve various problems at any time

■ market operation promotion, establishment of profit model

the interview business of the store has begun, and the early busy of the dealer has basically come to an end. The regional manager of the manufacturer should pay close attention to assisting the dealer to establish and implement the profit model of early communication, such as the development of peripheral communities, the establishment of contacts between designers of home decoration companies and other brands in the industry, the media, etc

■ business planning and assistance have made a hit

after a period of trial operation, the dealers have straightened out various management and personnel relations in the store, further improved the quality of personnel, and can operate normally. At the same time, they have accumulated a certain customer group, so it is necessary to plan large-scale business activities

there are two purposes for planning the opening. First, it is widely known in the local market that a brand is officially stationed. When it is about to open, those who need it can come. In fact, it is propaganda; Second, make use of the various customer groups and advertising effects accumulated in the trial operation to make a large-scale promotion, create sales volume, inspire the hearts of the team, attack competitive products and establish market prestige. Regular manufacturers will also have a set of opening templates. Regional managers and dealers will discuss and communicate with each other, adjust them into local plans, and take actions. Manufacturers and dealers must pay attention to it. They must become popular at once and get off to a good start

■ remote assistance and guidance, rapid development

stores have been opened, and dealers are on the right track. The regional managers of the enterprise can pay attention to the development of dealers through irregular visits, telephone communication and other forms, actively solve various problems at any time, and bring them into the normal management mode of the company

the way to maintain a business is to adhere to the above "Ten Rules for maintaining a business", which is only the specific work done before, during and after the dealers join in. For the enterprise, this is just the beginning, because the dealers have not yet created benefits for the enterprise and have not really grown up

business support lies in persistence, constant training, guidance and communication. For enterprises, they should have a set of clear profit models for dealers and their own ways of enterprise marketing. Therefore, for most of their dealers, they can develop and make money only by implementing and following. At this time, the whole channel can develop rapidly. When enterprises can truly do this, it seems that it is not necessary for them to go out to attract investment, Because more potential dealers will take the initiative to come to the door, the initiative of the market is completely in the hands of the enterprise




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